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What's New?

Woo-hoo! My third post-Spiel delivery includes Frosted Games's wonderful Advent Calendar, which has been a favourite of mine in recent years. I also have the tremendous Noria and brilliant First Martians. I'm still waiting on a few things I ordered before Spiel, so there should be one more delivery before Christmas.

My first tranche of arrivals from Spiel and the second selection are listed below.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of the 2017 Advent calendar box

Advent Calendar 2017 (various)

Neat little mini-expansions for twenty-four different, recent games held within a cardboard frame so that you can discover one a day in the run-up to Christmas. It's delighted me in the last two years, so the first one that arrived went in my sitting room: Sold out!

Thumbnail of Carthago box

Carthago: Merchants & Guilds (Ralph Bienert and Bernd Eisenstein)

Clever development of Porto Carthago, this has players as traders in ancient Carthage. As well as buying and selling, they aim to gain influence in the city's guilds. The winner will be whoever's done best across both: £28.00

Thumbnail of A Fake Artist Goes to New York cover

Out of stock

A Fake Artist Goes to New York (Jun Sasaki)

Bonkers party game where players try to illustrate a word co-operatively, taking turns to add a bit to the drawing. The problem is that the 'fake' doesn't know what the word is, but must try not to be identified. It's clever fun: £15.00

Thumbnail of First Martians cover

First Martians (Ignacy Trzewiczek)

Development of the wonderful Robinson Crusoe co-operative game, shifting the scene to the first astronauts on Mars and putting a different emphasis on what players need to do (try not to have adventures!). The sense of jeopardy is palpable: £65.00

Thumbnail of Flamme Rouge: Peloton cover

Out of stock

Flamme Rouge: Peloton (Asger Harding Granerud)

Adds to Flamme Rouge something I expected in the base game: the dreaded pavé. It also allows a couple of extra players and provides a solitaire option. Plus a variant that supports up to 12 players. It's an excellent addition: £22.00

Thumbnail of Istanbul Dice Game cover

Istanbul Dice Game (Rüdiger Dorn)

A dice game that stays true to the 'feel' of the original Istanbul, while playing quicker and offering some different challenges. The pursuit of rubies remains the goal, with several ways of acquiring them. Good fun: £18.00

Thumbnail of Noria cover

Noria (Sophia Wagner)

Another monster, which I thoroughly enjoyed at Spiel. Set on and around the flying island of the title, there's an awful lot going on as players develop their production, expand their options and try to gain the best 'political' position. It's a cracker: £45.00

Thumbnail of Riga cover

Riga ( Stefan Risthaus)

Latest neat little card game from this designer, set in the medieval Baltic city. Players are looking to establish their trading presence in other cities by making the most effective use of the goods they collect and buildings they construct. Clever and quick: £10.00

Second tranche

Here is the second set of new titles launched at this year's Spiel games fair – games I ordered in advance that have now arrived. Highlights for me are Ted Alspach's latest, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, and the monster Agra.

My first tranche of arrivals from Spiel is listed below.

Thumbnail of A Column of Fire cover

A Column of Fire (Michael Reineck)

Latest in the series of game adaptations of Ken Follett's novels, this one is set in Elizabethan times. Players are trading around Europe, while trying to avoid falling foul of the period's religious conflicts: £35.00

Thumbnail of the cover from EXIT - The Forbidden Castle

EXIT – The Forbidden Castle (Inka and Markus Brand)

Another 'locked room' for players to work their way out of: this time they're hikers whose visit to a castle leaves them trapped: £11.00

Thumbnail of the cover from EXIT - The Forgotten Island

EXIT – The Forgotten Island (Inka and Markus Brand)

Another 'locked room' for players to work their way out of: this time they're shipwrecked on a deserted island – a locked boat could take them to safety: £11.00

Thumbnail of the cover from EXIT - The Polar Station

EXIT – The Polar Station (Inka and Markus Brand)

Another 'locked room' for players to work their way out of: this time they're researchers stranded when their station is evacuated: £11.00

Thumbnail of Skull Port cover

Skull Port (Ivan Ferencak and Hrvoje Kordic)

Entertaining dice-rolling game with a piratical theme  and interesting tactical opportunities. Players use their dice to take command of ships or add influence at the ports, both of which change hands as the game progresses. Good fun: £25.00

Thumbnail of Summit cover

Summit: the board game (Conor McGoey)

A race up a treacherous, icy mountainside for a team of climbers working together or individuals competing with each other. Players need to balance the equipment that they need with the weight they can carry for speed and survival. It's a tricky challenge: £55.00

Thumbnail of Summit - Yeti expansion cover

Summit – Yeti expansion (Conor McGoey)

Just to make the climbing trip even more tricky, the Yeti is stalking the mountaineers. This provides an extra hazard for co-operative play and a way of hindering others in the competitive game: £14.00

Thumbnail of Viral cover

Viral (Gil d'Orey and Antonio Sousa Lara)

This is a surprisingly subtle game with the players as viruses trying to take over a human body. They have to fight off white corpuscles, vaccines and each other. It's a fun, tactical challenge: £36.00

First tranche

Here is the first tranche of new titles launched at this year's Spiel games fair – essentially the games I ordered in advance and brought back with me. Highlights for me are Ted Alspach's latest, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, and the monster Agra.

Thumbnail of the Agra cover

Agra (Michael Keller)

Definitely a monster (it weighs 3 Kgs!), this a fascinating business game set in India during the Mughal Empire. Players trade goods and develop industry to meet contracts and make the most money. It's deep and fascinating: £60.00

Thumbnail of the cover from Haspelknecht: the Ruhr Valley

Haspelknecht: the Ruhr Valley (Thomas Spitzer)

This is a clever expansion for coal-mining game, Haspelknecht. It allows players to dig deeper in search of coal (using iron supports to shore up their mine and channels to clear the water) and sell more widely via the barges on the river Ruhr. It really does expand the game: £24.00

Thumbnail of the cover from Keyper

Keyper (Richard Breese)

The latest Key... game focuses on the pawns ("keyples") in the game and facilitates player interaction through the games' mechanisms. Being able to re-configure the boards in play during the game adds to the options open to players. Complex and rewarding: £62.00

Thumbnail of The Palace of Mad King Ludwig cover

The Palace of Mad King Ludwig (Ted Alspach)

The latest in Ted's series of excellent building games, this one has the players adding rooms to the ever-expanding palace. Until they run up against the surrounding moat, which completes at the same pace as the rooms, giving players some tricky decisions: £45.00

Thumbnail of the Papa Paolo cover

Papà Paolo (Fabrice Vandenbogaerde)

I've had to wait for the second printing to stock this terrific game of pizza delivery. It gives players an awful lot to think about and plenty of decisions to make without melting any brain cells. I thoroughly enjoy it: £38.00

Thumbnail of the Peloponnes Box cover

Peloponnes Box (of expansions) (Bernd Eisenstein)

This box brings together the expansions for Bernd's excellent Peloponnes (apart from the new one), adding up to three more players to the base game while providing all sorts of extra options and paths to victory. My favourite is still the goat: £25.00

Thumbnail of the cover from Peloponnes: Heroes and Colonies

Peloponnes: Heroes and Colonies (Bernd Eisenstein)

And this is a new expansion for Peloponnes, cunningly produced with a cover picture that matches up with the Box. As you'd expect it adds Heroes (with special powers) and Colonies (new starting positions). It also introduces a new threat: the Persians! Great stuff: £25.00

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