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What's New?

This year's Spiel des Jahres game, Kingdomino, is great fun and now in stock (EXIT got the Kennerspiel award – for gamers' games – and it's already here). I've also added some classic titles – including Hare and Tortoise – from Gibsons and a new motor racing game, Championship Formula Racing. Plus, I've just added cracking cycle race game, Flamme Rouge.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of 221B Baker Street cover

221B Baker Street (Jay Moriarty)

The classic deduction game in which players explore London to find clues and solve a mystery for Sherlock Holmes. With 75 cases in the box, there's plenty of exercise for your little grey cells (as another literary detective would say): £18.00

Thumbnail of Championship Formula Racing cover

Championship Formula Racing (Douglas Schulz)

This is a terrific motor racing game (inspired by the venerable Speed Circuit).It's actually pretty simple. Until the other cars get in the way, damn them! I have the 'retailer exclusive' edition, which is slightly different from the standard game (more tracks, for a start): £50.00

Thumbnail of Flamme Rougecover

Out of stock

Flamme Rouge (Asger Harding Granerud)

Cracking cycling game where exhaustion plays a big part. the aim is to hang around in the pack until you can make a break for the finishing line. Yellow jersey, anyone? Clever, not too demanding and quick-playing: £32.00

Thumbnail of Guns & Steel cover

Guns & Steel (Jesse Li)

A clever take on civilization development, this card game provides an entertaining challenge to make the best of the cards' two sides. There are actually two versions of the game in the box – three if you merge the two: £12.00

Thumbnail of Hare and Tortoise cover

Hare and Tortoise (David Parlett)

Another classic – and a game I stocked when I started Games from Pevans, so I'm pleased to have it back. It is such a clever race game as players try to get enough carrots to reach the end, but not so many that they can't win. Remembering to eat their lettuces on the way: £18.00

Thumbnail of Hellweg Westfalicus cover

Hellweg Westfalicus (Michael Schacht)

The eponymous 'Westphalian Highway' runs through this game of trading in medieval Germany. Players establish trade routes across the region to buy and sell at a profit. Basic economics, but a clever game: £25.00

Thumbnail of Kingdomino cover

Kingdomino (Bruno Cathala)

A simple, but clever little game. The 'dominoes' are tiles showing different terrains and the aim is to get contiguous areas of the same terrain. Simple enough to win the Spiel des Jahres, complex enough for gamers: £13.00

Thumbnail of Sherlock Holmes card game cover

Sherlock Holmes card game (Roger Heyworth)

This is a really atmospheric game, right from the initial "The game's afoot!" The aim, of course, is to catch the Villain. Unless you have the Villain in your hand, when you really want them to escape! Great fun: £12.00

Thumbnail of Tiefe Taschen cover

Tiefe Taschen (Fabian Zimmerman)

A wonderfully cynical and thoroughly amusing game of negotiation as players divvy up the proceeds of political corruption. The aim is to end with the most cash, of course: £16.00

Thumbnail of Welcome Back to the Dungeon cover

Welcome Back to the Dungeon (Antoine Bauza and Masato Uesugi)

I found this game a complete hoot when I played it. Players are trying to give each other the short stick of having to take on a dungeon of monsters with as little equipment as possible. Until it all backfires... Great fun: £10.00

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