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Elmers End

Railway Rivals game 16 – pre-start

With seven on the waiting list, we have opted for two (up to) four-player games. This one is being played on map O, South Wales Coalfield (West) - a working copy will be sent to each player (along with the rules). These players are: Jonathan Palfrey, Gerald Udowiczenko, Bob Blanchett and room for one more.

To get things rolling, players need to send: the name of their company; their preferences (if any) for colour (from: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Brown and Purple) and their preferences for starting position - the docks (green half-hexes along the coast). And give plenty of preferences, 'cause you could be getting your fourth choice...

Orders to Mike Dommett, 12 Watton Park, Bridport DT6 5NJ
or by e-mail to mike (underscore) dommett (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk
by Friday, 5th February 2021