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Railway Rivals game 18 (RR2528CY)

Turn 4

Previous turns: Turn 3 Turn 2 Turn 1 Start-up

Builds and points

MEDITRAINEAN built along the coast and is poised to connect to Paphos. CANTERBURY RAILWAYS built to the north-eastern end of Cyprus, then returned to building south-west to Troodos. ALL GREEK TO ME continued through the mountains to Troodos, which looks like being a meeting point for everyone. INLAND IRONHORSE INTERNATIONAL built south into Kilana, and extended at the west end of the island.

MediTrainean (MT), Anthony Gilbert - Red
Starts: Larnaca
a) G11 - Kilana; (+6)
    F11 - F9
b) F9 - F7 - G7
c) G7 - G6 - H5
Points: 53 +6 = 59

Canterbury Railways (CR), Rob Pinkerton - Blue
Starts: Famagusta
a) (Evrykhou) - A53 - N12;
    (J72) - Theodhoros (+6)
b) (N12) - M13;
    (Theodhoros) - L74
c) (Lefkoniko) - H67;
    (L74) - M75
: 47 +6 = 53

All Greek To Me (AGTM), Mike Dyer - Black
Starts: Kyrenia
a) (Paleokhoro) - L14
b) (L14) - L13
c) (L13) - Troodos;
    D63 - C64
: 26 +0 = 26

Inland Ironhorse International (III), Chris Rudram - Green
Starts: Lapithos
a) (J10) - I10 - H10 - Kilana
b) (L11) - Troodos (+6, +2*)
c) (Polis) - M4
: 56 +8 = 64

Latest map

Troodos map (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

GM Notes

Order layouts: Your Name, Company Name, Company Colour.

* +2 bonus for the hotel we stayed in one night to minimise drive time from the east end exploring the mountains.

    Building rolls for next turn: 4, 6, 3

Orders to Mike Dommett, 12 Watton Park, Bridport DT6 5NJ
or by e-mail to
by Friday 26th April 2024