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Railway Rivals game 15 – start-up

With seven on the waiting list, we have opted for two four-player games. This one is being played on map CT, Chilterns – a working copy will be sent to each player (along with the rules). And these players are: Christian Bien, Mark Cowper, Anthony Gilbert and Rob Pinkerton.

Everybody starts from London, so all that players need to send with their first turn's orders are the name of their company and their preferences (if any) for colour. Choose from: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Brown and Purple. And give plenty of preferences, 'cause you could be getting your fourth choice...

Your orders should be headed with Player Name, Company Name and Colour (to make my life easier). Then give your builds for each die in turn. If you build to a town, write the town name (with the hex if you want).

First turn's die rolls are: 4, 6, 5