Formula Dé 2006 Championship Race Reports

On this page you will find the reports of previous races in this year's tournament at Swiggers games club. The latest standings and the report of the latest race are on the first page.

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Race 7: Belgium (Spa Francorchamps) 12th July 2006

It's an overcast day at Spa as six cars line up on the grid. JP wins pole position only to stall his car as the lights go out to start the race. It doesn't do him much harm as all the cars pile into La Source (Turn 1) together.

Locked together, the pack surges towards the second corner. Dommett nudges Paul, removing several aerodynamic vanes from the side of his car.

JP loses out at Eau Rouge/Raidillon (Turn 2), dropping behind the rest of the pack and completing his fall from pole to last. Jennie is helped into the corner by a slipstream from Dommett.

Hitting sixth gear, Pevans powers his way along the Kemmel straight and into Les Combes (Turn 3) ahead of the rest of the cars. JP accelerates round Eau Rouge/Raidillon (Turn 2) to catch Paul, who's slowed down after missing a gear.

Jennie, Rowena and Dommett arrive at Les Combes (Turn 3) in a row across the track. Behind them, Paul hits 6th gear in an effort to catch them, but runs out of road when he reaches the roadblock in front of him. His car hits the back of Rowena, lifts off and flies into the gravel trap. Carbon fibre shards from both Paul and Rowena's cars litter the entrance to the corner. Watching the collision, JP feels much safer at the rear.

Pevans is first into Rivage (Turn 4) as Jennie, Rowena and Dommett exit Les Combes. JP scatters debris as he slides into the corner. A sharp corner punctures a tyre. His car lurches to one side and his suspension fails. JP slews across the track and joins Paul in the gravel.

Pevans leads the race through Pouhon (Turn 5), Fagnes (turn 6) and Stavelot (Turn 7). The threesome behind him separates at Pouhon as Rowena falls behind. Jennie charges to keep up with Dommett only to take Fagnes (turn 6) too fast and exit the corner in a cloud of smoke – a mixture of brake dust and burnt rubber. Rowena seems to be put off by the smoke ahead of her and drops further back.

A sudden shower hits part of the track – the part where the cars are! Pevans skids into the Bus Stop chicane (Turn 8) at the end of his lap. Dommett and Jennie power straight through the wet patch on the virtual straight of Blanchimont. Rowena negotiates the corners behind.

The track dries quickly and Pevans completes the Bus Stop (Turn 8) safely. Dommett charges into the chicane ahead of Jennie. Rowena misses the turning in point for Stavelot (Turn 7) and loses more time to the cars in front.

Pevans slides into his pit and switches to hard rubber – hoping to make these tyres last for the rest of the race. As Pevans leaves the pits, Dommett comes in. Jennie exits the Bus Stop (Turn 8) to finish her lap and Rowena powers along Blanchimont.

Lap 1: 1st Pevans, 2nd Dommett, 3rd Jennie, 4th Rowena, Out JP and Paul.

A fast getaway see Dommett join Pevans in La Source (Turn 1). Jennie makes it to her pit as Rowena slams into the Bus Stop (Turn 8). And the rain starts in earnest.

Jennie's mechanics scramble to find her wet weather tyres as Rowena slides through the Bus Stop chicane (Turn 8).

Driving rather slower than last time, Pevans and Dommett tip-toe through the rain into Eau Rouge/Raidillon (Turn 2). Jennie exits her pit as Rowena turns in. She makes a fast stop, changing to wet tyres, and sets off in pursuit of Jennie.

Pevans and Dommett work their way through the corners. Pevans hits the debris in Les Combes (Turn 3) too enthusiastically and finds some extra carbon fibre embedded in his undercarriage.

On their wet weather tyres Jennie and Rowena are gaining ground on the front pair. And Rowena catches Jennie at Les Combes (Turn 3). But the rain passes over and the track begins to dry again.

Fighting each other, Pevans and Dommett mess up their approach to Fagnes (turn 6). Behind them, Jennie pulls ahead of Rowena again into Rivage (Turn 4).

The cars maintain formation through the corners until Dommett out-drags Pevans through Blanchimont and beats him to the Bus Stop chicane (Turn 8). As Pevans follows Dommett through the chicane, Jennie negotiates Stavelot (Turn 7) and Rowena rounds Fagnes (turn 6).

A quick pit stop see Dommet into La Source (Turn 1) while Pevans is still entering the pit lane (the rain has spoiled his strategy and he needs fresh tyres – he opts for soft rubber again in an effort to catch Dommett). Rowena chases Jennie along Blanchimont, but doesn't catch her before the Bus Stop (Turn 8).

Lap 2: 1st Dommett, 2nd Pevans, 3rd Jennie, 4th Rowena, Out JP and Paul.

By the time Pevans reaches La Source (Turn 1), Dommett is on his way along Kemmel to Eau Rouge. And he's being caught by Jennie, who makes a quick pitstop to switch to hard tyres. Rowena exits the Bus Stop chicane (Turn 8) and heads for her pit.

The cars settle down, holding their relative positions and maintaining the gaps between them. Until Rowena slams through the debris at Les Combes (Turn 3). Her already damaged suspension gives way and she joins the other two cars by the side of the track. By now Jennie is in Rivage (Turn 4), Pevans at Pouhon (Turn 5) and Dommett at Stavelot (Turn 7).

And that's how they finish.

Final positions: 1st Dommett (10 points), 2nd Pevans (8), 3rd Jennie (6). DNF Rowena, JP, Paul.

Race 6: Brazil (Interlagos) 14th June 2006

The race starts in blazing sunshine with every prospect that this will last. Pevans takes pole position, but messes up his entrance to the Senna-S (Turn 1), allowing Dommett and JP to pass him. All three cars are on soft rubber, which Pevans is not used to.

Trailing behind through Descida do Lago (Turn 2), Pevans hits sixth gear to catch the other two in Ferradura (Turn 3). The damage to his tyres means he can't maintain this pace, though, and drops back again at Turn 4.

Dommett and JP continue to duel for the lead through Pinheirinho (Turn 5), Bico de Pato (Turn 6) and Junçao (Turn 7 and last). Pevans trails behind them, trying to keep his tyres in one piece.

JP powers into the pit lane first and his mechanics turn his car around quickly. Dommett comes into his pit for a slower stop. Pevans exits the last corner (Junçao).

Lap 1: 1st JP, 2nd Dommett, 3rd Pevans

JP gets out of the pits first, but doesn't get as far as the Senna-S (Turn 1) before Dommett comes out onto the track in pursuit. Pevans makes it into his pit where the crew changeS his tyres for his usual hard rubber and patch up his car.

JP and Dommett negotiate the Senna-S (Turn 1) together and ahead of Pevans. All three cars scream down the back straight (Curva do Sol and Reta Oposa) with a plume of smoke trailing from Dommett's car.

This doesn't seem to have much effect on his performance as he sneaks into Descida do Lago (Turn 2) ahead of JP. Dommett is then first into Ferradura (Turn 3) as Pevans joins JP in Descida do Lago.

Pevans's eagerness to pass is obvious as he uses JP's car to help him brake into Ferradura (Turn 3). The only damage is some chips of carbon fibre knocked off Pevans's front wing.

Dommett extends his lead a bit through the subsequent corners while the other two fight over second place.

Accelerating out of Junçao (Turn 7 and last), Dommett turns sharply into the pits. His engineers are waiting to switch him onto fresh rubber in double quick time. Pevans and JP complete Junçao behind him.

Lap 2: 1st Dommett, 2nd= JP, Pevans

As Dommett exits the pit lane, JP turns in at the other end. Pevans, however, decides to stick with his hard rubber – even if it is a bit worn – and steams down the Start/Finish straight.

It doesn't do him much good as JP makes another quick pit stop and joins him in the Senna-S (Turn 1), still behind Dommett (but a bit closer than they were).

As Dommett enters Descida do Lago (Turn 2), JP hits top gear in an effort to catch him. The effort ends in a cloud of brake dust as JP slams on the anchors for the corner. This leaves him exiting the corner too slowly and Pevans storms past him to catch Dommett in Ferradura (Turn 3).

Now the race becomes a battle for first place between Dommett and Pevans through the second half of the lap. Behind them, JP nurses his over-stressed car: he's not losing ground, but he's not gaining any either.

Dommett keeps his nose in front through Junçao (Turn 7 and last) and maintains that small advantage down the Start/Finish straight to take the chequered flag. Pevans is right with him, after which JP throttles back and strolls home in third place.

Final Positions: 1st Dommett (10 points), 2nd Pevans (8), 3rd JP (6).

Race 5: Bahrain 17th May 2006

There is no report from this race as Pevans wasn't there.

Final Positions: 1st Ben (10 points), 2nd Richard (8), 3rd JP (6), 4th Jennie (5). DNF: Chris, Paul.

Race 4: Japan (Suzuka) 26th April 2006

Five cars lined up in the rain for the fourth race in this year’s Championship. All of them made a clean start: Pevans, Richard and Jennie were the leading group into Turn 1, ahead of Ellen and Dommett.

Dommett had trouble with Turn 1. He exited slowly, allowing Ellen past him into the S Curve (Turn 2). Pevans exited the S Curve (Turn 2) a gear up on the rest of the leading group.

A sprint in 5th gear took Pevans into Degner (Turn 3) well ahead. Jennie followed him into Degner, dropping Richard. Ellen pursued him and Dommett chased her.

Dommett caught Ellen as they arrived at Degner (Turn 3). They went round the corner side by side and charged for the Hairpin (Turn 4). Ellen missed the entrance, but blocked Dommett so he got no advantage from her mistake. At the front, Jennie chased Pevans round Spoon (Turn 5) while Richard approached that corner.

Accelerating along the long uphill straight and through 130R, Pevans arrived at the final Chicane (Turn 6) well ahead of everybody else. By the time he’d worked his way round it, Jennie had completed 130R. Richard zipped across the bridge behind her and Dommett followed Ellen into Spoon (Turn 5).

Completing his first lap, Pevans sped past the pits. Jennie had to brake hard to cope with the final Chicane (Turn 6). Richard came up very fast behind her and nearly collided. Ellen sprinted out of Spoon (Turn 5) still ahead of Dommett. Jennie followed Pevans’ example and passed the pits. Richard left a lot of rubber on the track as he exited the Chicane (Turn 6) and carried on down the start/finish straight.

Lap 1: 1st Pevans, 2nd Jennie, 3rd Richard, 4th Ellen, 5th Dommett.

Richard’s momentum enabled him to catch Jennie at Turn 1 as Pevans sauntered round the S Curve (Turn 2).

Completing her first lap, Ellen pitted for fresh rubber. Dommett overshot the final Chicane (Turn 6), which took him past the pitlane entrance. This was just enough to catch Ellen on her exit from the pits and the two arrived at Turn 1 together.

By this time Pevans was on his way to Spoon (Turn 5). Jennie and Richard duelled round Degner (Turn 3). Richard was a bit too enthusiastic, nudging Jennie’s car. The only damage was to Richard’s front wing.

Ellen got her exit from the S Curve (Turn 2) just right, enabling her to pull ahead of Dommett into Degner (Turn 3). Exiting the Hairpin (Turn 4), Richard had to push hard to keep up with Jennie and there was some noticeable smoke from his engine.

At the front, Pevans showed the rest of the field how it’s done, hitting top speed uphill and through 130R. Richard and Jennie continued to run close to each other, rounding Spoon (Turn 5) well behind Pevans. Ellen arrived at the Hairpin (Turn 4) with Dommett still in Degner (Turn 3).

After two laps, Pevans needed fresh tyres and took the opportunity of the pitstop for some running repairs to his car. He was under no pressure as Jennie and Richard were still climbing the hill out of Spoon (Turn 5).

Jennie outdragged Richard round 130R and got to the final Chicane (Turn 6) well ahead. Ellen got her acceleration just right and powered out of Spoon (Turn 5). This was enough to take her past Richard and into the final Chicane (Turn 6) in third place.

Pevans completed his pitstop and completed Turn 1 before Jennie hurtled across the line in second place. By the time Jennie arrived in Turn 1, Pevans was negotiating the S Curve (Turn 2).

Ellen passed the pitlane and sprinted into Turn 1. Dommett and Richard exited the final Chicane (Turn 6) together, but Richard turned into the pits while Dommett went past.

Lap 2: 1st Pevans, 2nd Jennie, 3rd Ellen, 4th Dommett, 5th Richard.

Pevans’ concentration slipped and he missed the entrance to Degner (Turn 3). Jennie was still working her way round the S Curve (Turn 2). Ellen was into S Curve (Turn 2) shortly afterwards. Dommett arrived in Turn 1 as Richard exited the pitlane.

A charge from Ellen out of the S Curve (Turn 2) saw her catch Jennie in Degner (Turn 3). Her momentum took Ellen into the Hairpin (Turn 4) ahead of Jennie.

Dommett tried the same trick as he exited Degner (Turn 3), but couldn’t quite catch Jennie at the Hairpin (Turn 4).

Pevans arrived at the final Chicane (Turn 6) still well ahead of the rest. Ellen was rounding Spoon (Turn 5) as Jennie headed towards that corner. Dommett amble round the Hairpin (Turn 4) only to find Richard alongside him.

Richard’s momentum took him past Dommett and into Spoon in fourth place. Pevans slowed down on the start/finish straight to wave to his pit crew.

Richard took Spoon (Turn 5) quickly and chased Jennie up the hill. As Ellen arrived at the final Chicane (Turn 6), Jennie put her foot down and Richard dropped back.

Pevans finally crossed the line as Ellen completed the final Chicane (Turn 6) and took the chequered flag in second place.

Richard strained through the final Chicane (Turn 6), but Jennie got 3rd place quite comfortably. Fourth was Richard’s and Dommett came home safely.

Final Positions: 1st Pevans (10 points), 2nd Ellen (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Richard (5), 5th Dommett (4).

Race 3: Monaco (Monte Carlo) 29th March 2006

Pevans claims pole position at Monte Carlo and leads the grid of five cars into Sainte Dévote (Turn 1). The sky is overcast, but the track is dry.

As the cars accelerate up the hill, Ellen slipstreams Paul for position. Richard gets a slipstream from Jennie and Paul. The result is that Ellen, Richard and Paul join Pevans in Turn 2.

Jennie leads Pevans across Casino Square and into Casino (Turn 3) – Ellen, Paul and Richard stay with them. Jennie, Ellen and Paul are first into Mirabeau (Turn 4), leaving Pevans and Richard outside the corner. The threesome then arrive at the slow hairpin of Loews/Portier (Turn 5). Pevans and Richard negotiate Mirabeau (Turn 4).

The tight corner of Loews causes problems: Ellen chips a turning vane off Jennie’s front wing as the drivers wrestle their steering wheels into a full lock. Pevans and Richard enter Loews/Portier (Turn 5) competing for last place.

Exiting Portier, Jennie, Ellen and Paul sprint through the tunnel. Jennie arrives at the New Chicane (Turn 6) ahead of Ellen and Paul. Behind them, Richard uses Pevans’s slipstream to get his nose in front.

Paul and Ellen brake hard to take the New Chicane (Turn 6) safely as Jennie makes Tabac (Turn 7). Richard’s sprint through the tunnel takes him into the chicane as well, leaving Pevans in last place.

As Jennie swings round the Swimming Pool (Turn 8), Paul and Richard hit Tabac (Turn 7), leaving no room for Ellen, who slows rapidly. Pevans emerges from the tunnel and round the New Chicane (Turn 6).

Richard and Paul follow Jennie through the Swimming Pool (Turn 8). Ellen’s slow speed through Tabac (Turn 7) allows Pevans to catch her. In this formation, the cars head through Swimming Pool (Turn 8) and Rascasse (Turn 9).

Jennie misses her braking point for Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last) and slams on the anchors. This puts her in the sights of Paul and Richard exiting Rascasse (Turn 9). Pevans enters Rascasse ahead of Ellen.

Jennie swings through Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last) – going too fast to be heading for the pits. Paul chases her into the corner, leaving Richard outside in a cloud of brake dust. Just behind this Ellen pursues Pevans through Rascasse (Turn 9).

Paul makes a pitstop as Jennie sails past. Pevans catches Richard in Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last).

Jennie maintains her lead down the pit straight and into Sainte Dévote (Turn 1). Paul pulls into the pitlane as Richard roars past. Pevans comes in to his pit and makes a fast stop, switching to the harder rubber. Ellen rounds Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last).

Lap 1: 1st Jennie, 2nd= Paul Richard, 4th Pevans, 5th Ellen.

Paul joins Richard in Sainte Dévote (Turn 1) with Jennie on her way up the hill in front of them. Pevans slams out of the pits to join them in the corner. Ellen makes a fast pitstop for fresh tyres.

Jennie swings calmly round Turn 2 into enter Casino Square, only to find her mirrors full of car. Pevans and Richard slam up the hill in sixth gear to catch her. Paul is left behind on the hill as Ellen leaves the pitlane and enters Sainte Dévote (Turn 1).

Pevans, Jennie and Richard hurtle across the square and through Casino (Turn 3). Behind them Ellen hits sixth gear up the hill to catch Paul in Turn 2.

Tucked behind Pevans, Jennie uses his slipstream to catapult her back into the lead and Mirabeau (Turn 4). Richard stays with Pevans. Ellen and Paul come through Casino (Turn 3), but can’t catch Pevans and Richard in Mirabeau as Jennie descends through Loews/Portier (Turn 5).

Debris on the track in Loews/Portier (Turn 5) gets to play a part in the race: Jennie’s suspension is damaged as she bumps on it and Richard slows to pick his way round it. Pevans just runs across it. Paul baulks Ellen to enter the Loews hairpin ahead of her.

Jennie exits Portier and accelerates into the tunnel. Pevans is a gear up on Richard as they reach the end of Portier and leaves him behind to chase Jennie. Ellen negotiates Loews/Portier (Turn 5) behind Paul only to have to take evasive action. Paul tries to ride the debris only to see his front wishbone fail and his car skew across the corner into the Armco.

Jennie exits the tunnel into the New Chicane (Turn 6). Pevans can’t quite catch her, allowing Richard to close up again. The two of them join Jennie in Tabac (Turn 7) as Ellen speeds through the tunnel. The leading three cars proceed together through the Swimming Pool (Turn 8), Rascasse (Turn 9) and Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last). Ellen maintains station behind them.

All the cars make a pitstop. Richard is first in. His mechanics are on tip-top form and he pulls back into the pitlane to block Jennie. Pevans uses a slow stop to make some adjustments to his car.

Lap 2: 1st= Jennie Richard Pevans, 4th Ellen, Out Paul.

Richard accelerates out of the pits, chased along the pitlane by Pevans. Jennie makes her own stop as Ellen exits Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last) and powers down the pit straight.

Pevans joins Richard in Sainte Dévote (Turn 1) and carries his momentum through the corner. As Jennie and Ellen enter Sainte Dévote (Turn 1), Pevans out-drags Richard up the hill and into Turn 2.

Richard stays ahead of Jennie and Ellen into Turn 2 and the cars maintain their relative positions through the next few corners.

With Richard chasing Pevans through Loews/Portier (Turn 5), Jennie gets ahead of Ellen into Mirabeau (Turn 4).

As Pevans comes out of the tunnel into the New Chicane (Turn 6) rain starts to fall. Richard doesn’t notice as he powers through the tunnel. Jennie slides round Loews/Portier (Turn 5) in front of Ellen.

The final stage of the race is a series of huge clouds of spray along the seaside part of the track. First it’s Pevans through Tabac (Turn 7). Despite the rain, Richard burns some rubber as he slams rather fast round the New Chicane (Turn 6).

Then it’s Pevans round the Swimming Pool (Turn 8), Richard in Tabac (Turn 7) and Jennie in the New Chicane (Turn 6). Ellen seems to have lost a gear as she motors slowly through the tunnel.

Rascasse (Turn 9) almost proves Pevans’s downfall as he aquaplanes through it. He keeps the car on the road, but can’t find any traction. A low gear is required to get him into Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last).

Richard has no such problem and motors through Rascasse (Turn 9) to catch Pevans in Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last). Jennie is just behind them in Rascasse (Turn 9). Ellen is back in Tabac (Turn 7).

Richard has the upper hand (and higher gear) as he and Pevans exit Anthony Noghès (Turn 10 and last) neck and neck. They accelerate towards the finish line with Richard just a wheel behind Pevans. But Richard’s engine just can’t give him the revs he needs and Pevans out-drags him to take the chequered flag by the narrowest of margins.

Jennie is able to complete her lap safely and Ellen tip-toes round to claim fourth place.

Final Positions: 1st Pevans (10 points), 2nd Richard (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Ellen (5). DNF Paul.

Race 2: Britain (Silverstone) 15th March 2006

7 cars line up on the grid on a cloudy day. The lights go out and all the cars make a clean start.

Joshua led into Copse (Turn 1) from pole position. Paul and Ryan stayed with him. At the back of the pack was Pevans.

The front three exit Copse (Turn 1) as the back four enter.

Joshua, Paul and Ryan power into Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2) (Magotts/Chapel). A sprint from Pevans allows him to slipstream Ryan and join them in the corner.

Joshua drops from the leading group at Stowe (Turn 3) to join Jennie, Ellen and Richard.

As Ryan, Paul and Pevans hit Club (Turn 4) as Joshua, Richard and Jennie arrive at Stowe (Turn 3). Ellen falls back to make last place her own.

The front three exit Club (Turn 4). Richard turns in to the corner ahead of Joshua and Jennie. Ellen negotiates Stowe (Turn 3).

The leading group accelerates down the back straight (Abbey curve) only for Pevans’s engine to start smoking. Ellen catches Joshua and Jennie as they arrive at Club (Turn 4).

Ryan takes the lead down the straight and is first into Luffield (Turn 5 and last). The large cloud of smoke behind him is Pevans's engine giving up.

Paul is next into Luffield (Turn 5 and last) with Richard chasing hard. Jennie exits Club (Turn 4) ahead of Joshua and Ellen.

Jennie catches Richard at the entrance to Luffield (Turn 5 and last). Joshua and Ellen hit 6th gear down the back straight (Abbey) and are still neck and neck as they enter Luffield (Turn 5 and last).

Ryan leaves Luffield (Turn 5 and last) and powers past the pits into Copse (Turn 1). Paul slams past too the pit lane entrance and then realises his soft tyres are wearing out. Joshua and Richard overshoot the exit of Luffield while Ellen and Jennie show more control behind them.

Ryan charges into Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2) as Paul reaches Copse (Turn 1). Joshua pits. He makes a fast stop and blocks Richard as he enters the pit lane. Ellen and Jennie both continue past the pits.

At the end of lap 1: 1st Ryan, 2nd Paul, 3rd= Joshua, Ellen and Jennie, 6th Richard. (And Pevans is already out.)

Paul misses the entrance to Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2) as Ellen is the next into Copse (Turn 1). Joshua exits the pits but doesn’t get as far as the corner, leaving him alongside Jennie. Richard makes a slow pitstop to make some adjustments to his car and switch to hard tyres.

Exiting Copse, Ellen doesn’t get as far as Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2). Joshua, Jennie and Richard all turn into Copse (Turn 1). Joshua carries his momentum through the corner and into the next one, catching Ellen at Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2). Jennie and Richard aren’t as fast.

With Ryan in Club (Turn 4) and Paul in Stowe (Turn 3), Joshua and Ellen head for Stowe. Jennie Richard complete Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2).

Positions are maintained until Ellen gets ahead of Joshua into Club (Turn 4). As Joshua turns into the corner Jennie Richard join him (though Richard is going a bit fast for this corner). By now Ryan is in Luffield (Turn 5 and last), with Paul still chasing him on his worn-out tyres.

Paul follows Ryan through Luffield (Turn 5 and last). Ellen burns down the back straight (Abbey) with the other three chasing her. A puff of smoke from Jennie’s engine is worrying.

Ryan pits from the lead to make a slow stop. Jennie catches Ellen in Luffield (Turn 5 and last) having out-dragged Joshua and Richard along the straight.

Ryan exits the pits and enters Copse (Turn 1) as Paul turns into the pit lane.

Paul switches to much-needed fresh rubber in his pit. Richard slides into Luffield (Turn 5 and last) only to put a kink in his wing on Joshua’s car.

At the end of lap 2: 1st Ryan, 2nd Paul, 3rd Jennie, 4th Ellen, 5th= Joshua and Richard. (And Pevans is back in his motor home.)

Ryan enters Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2) with a small lead over Paul, who arrives at Copse (Turn 1). Jennie pits for some repairs, leaving Ellen outside the pit lane. Richard and Joshua complete the last corner.

Ellen pits as Jennie leaves her pit. Richard’s engine smokes as he turns into the pit lane. And then it starts to rain!

Ellen slides into Copse (Turn 1) on a suddenly greasy track. Richard and Joshua pit and switch to wet weather tyres. Richard gets the drop on Joshua and is ahead of him into Copse (Turn 1).

Ryan tiptoes warily down Hanger straight towards Stowe (Turn 3). Behind him, Paul exits Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2) as Jennie and Ellen enter the corner. Despite the extra grip from his tyres, Richard doesn’t catch them yet. At the back, Joshua reaches Copse (Turn 1).

Ryan overshoots the exit of Stowe (Turn 3), doing substantial damage to his soft tyres. The cloud of spray on the Hanger straight behind him is Paul. Jennie and Ellen complete Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2) with Richard behind them. Joshua exits Copse (Turn 1).

Richard presses hard through Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2), only to lose a turning vane off his car as he bumps into Ellen’s rear wheel.

At the front, Ryan’s car sprays water off the back straight (Abbey) as he continues to lead the way. Paul is still just behind him, exiting Club (Turn 4). Jennie gets ahead into Stowe (Turn 3), leaving Ellen and Richard still on the Hanger straight. Joshua completes Magotts/Chapel (Turn 2).

As Richard and Ellen enter Stowe (Turn 3), it’s Ellen’s turn to damage her car, sliding into Richard. Ryan misses his turning point for Luffield (Turn 5 and last), allowing Paul to close in. The rain having stopped, the track is already drying out, removing the advantage of those wet weather tyres. Richard still catches Jennie into Club (Turn 4), leaving Ellen behind.

Ryan and Paul sprint into Luffield (Turn 5 and last) together. Richard and Jennie complete Club (Turn 4) together. Ellen and Joshua enter Club together.

Ryan and Paul are still together as they exit Luffield (Turn 5 and last). Jennie beats Richard into the corner.

Paul has the upper hand over Ryan and accelerates past him to take the chequered flag. The discomfited Richard is caught by Joshua and Ellen and the three enter Luffield (Turn 5 and last) together.

Ryan takes second place with ease. Jennie exits Luffield (Turn 5 and last) and crosses the line. Joshua and Ellen have a bit more oomph left in their cars than Richard and complete Luffield (Turn 5 and last) ahead of him. Ellen is a bit too eager and loosens her front wing on Joshua’s car. Then she has to watch as Joshua out-drags her down the straight and across the finish. Richard mooches home in last place. (Pevans has already left for home.)

Final positions: 1st Paul (10 points), 2nd Ryan (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Joshua (5), 5th Ellen (4), 6th Richard (3). DNF: Pevans.

Race 1: Australia (Melbourne) 25th January 2006

Only four cars lined up on the grid for the first race of the season. Under blue skies, all four got away fine and accelerated into Brabham/Jones (Turn 1) together.

Pevans missed a gear and dropped behind the other three at Whiteford (Turn 2). JP was a bit too enthusiastic in keeping up and knocked his front wing out of shape as he squeezed between Chris and Ian.

The trio stayed together – and ahead of Pevans – through Albert Rd (Turn 3) and the Clark Chicane (Turn 4). Chris finally took a clear lead into Turn 5 as JP’s engine belched smoke. JP understandably slowed down and so did Ian as he negotiated the smokescreen.

This allowed Pevans to rejoin JP and Ian in Turn 5. But he and Ian fell back again as they missed the turn-in to Ascari (Turn 6). JP didn’t and assumed the mantle of second place while Chris powered on to Stewart/Prost (Turn 7 and last).

Chris made his first pitstop as JP reached the exit of Stewart/Prost (Turn 7 and last). Pevans and Ian were duelling just behind him.

Chris pulled into the pitlane, balking JP as he entered. Chris then sprinted out and into Brabham/Jones (Turn 1) (Brabham/Jones) while JP made his stop. Ian went past the pits, despite the worn rubber of his tyres, but Pevans came in to change his soft tyres.

Lap 1: 1st Chris; 2= JP, Ian; 4 Pevans.

As Chris arrived in Whiteford (Turn 2), Ian caught JP in Brabham/Jones (Turn 1). Pevans pulled away from his pit, now a definite last again.

A charge from Pevans saw him join Ian and JP in Whiteford (Turn 2). The other cars could do nothing about Chris’s lead.

They maintained formation until JP pulled ahead of the other two into Ascari (Turn 6). However, Pevans slipstreamed Ian to make the corner alongside JP.

The 1-2-1 formation held through Stewart/Prost (Turn 7 and last) and then the cars dived into the pits. Chris made a slow stop for some adjustments to his car. Pevans tried to get the drop on him by just changing his tyres, but his pit crew let him down and JP went past him in the pitlane.

Chris left the pits first, only to be caught in Brabham/Jones (Turn 1) by JP. Pevans was third out of the pits as Ian turned in.

Lap 2: 1st equal Chris, JP; 2 Pevans; 4 Ian.

Chris sprinted to Whiteford (Turn 2), but JP stayed with him. Pevans took Brabham/Jones (Turn 1) quite slowly as Ian arrived in his pits for much-needed fresh tyres and some running repairs.

Pevans dropped further behind the leaders when he miscalculated his approach to Whiteford (Turn 2).

Chris took back the lead at Albert Road (Turn 3) as JP couldn’t keep up the pace. Pevans negotiated Whiteford (Turn 2) and Ian made it into Brabham/Jones (Turn 1).

An error from Chris on his way to the Clark Chicane (Turn 4) allowed JP to catch him again in the corner. Pevans and Ian maintained their relative positions behind.

Chris saw his opportunity on the exit from Turn 5 and hit sixth gear down the straight. He arrived in Ascari (Turn 6) well ahead of JP. Pevans slammed round the Clark Chicane (Turn 4) and Ian took Albert Road (Turn 3).

By the time JP made Ascari (Turn 6), Chris was entering Stewart/Prost (Turn 7 and last). JP chased him into the corner, but was not going to catch him. Further back, Pevans completely overcooked Turn 5, producing a huge cloud of tyre smoke and brake dust as he just managed to stay on the track.

Chris took the chequered flag as JP completed Stewart/Prost (Turn 7 and last). Pevans picked his way cautiously into Ascari (Turn 6). Ian charged out of Turn 5 in sixth gear to join him. He used the back of Pevans’s car as an aid to braking, but the only damage was to his own front wing.

JP crossed the line in second place. Ian and Pevans went through Stewart/Prost (Turn 7 and last) neck and neck. But Pevans had to be cautious: Ian exited the corner in a higher gear and out-dragged him to the finish.

Final positions: 1st Chris (10 points), 2nd JP (8), 3rd Ian (6), 4th Pevans (5).