Formula Dť Championship

This tournament of the motor-racing board game Formula Dť took place through 2005 at Swiggers games club. On this page you will find the table showing the final standings and the reports of the races. You can also take a look at the results of our 2004 Formula Dť Championship, 2003 Formula Dť Championship, 2001 Formula Dť Championship or the 2000 Formula Dť Championship.

We use the Formula 1 scoring system of 10 points for first, 8 for second, 6 for third and 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 to eighth place Ė no points if you donít finish. We held twelve races over the year, with each playerís best eight scores counting for the Championship.

2005 Championship Table

Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Race 4
Race 5
Race 6
Race 7
Race 8
Race 9
Race 10
Race 11
Race 12
Best 8
Top Ten
Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts Pos Pts
Sean 3 6 6 3 9 9  
Jennie 1 10     3 6 Out X 3 6 3 6 2 8 7 2 4 5 3 6 4 5     54 52 4th
JP 7 2 Rtd 0 Out X 2 8 9 0 Out X 10 10 10th
Pevans 6 3 1 10 Out X 7 2 6 3 Out X 1 10 4 5 2 8 6 3 4 5 49 47 5th
Mike 2 8 4 5 1 10 1 10 7 2 4 5 2 8 3 6 2 8 62 60 2nd
Chris 3 6 2 8 8 1 5 4 1 10 5 4 1 10 Out X 5 4 6 3 3 6 56 52 3rd
Richard 5 4 5 4 6 3 4 5 2 8 3 6 Out X 2 8 38 38 6th
Ben             5 4                                 4 4  
Dommett 4 5 2 8 4 5 3 6 1 10 2 8 3 6 3 6 1 10 4 5 5 4 1 10 83 64 1st
Russell     Rtd 0                                         0 0  
Markus     5 4                                         4 4  
Rachel             4 5 2 8                             13 13 9th
Julian                 8 1 Out X 4 5 5 4 5 4 7 2 1 10     26 26 7th
Julia                     Out X                         0 0  
Bijan                             6 3                 3 3  
Martin                                     1 10     5 4 15 15 8th
Paul C                                         Out X     0 0  
Position/Points Legend: Rtd = Retired, Out/X = Did not finish, blank = Did not take part.

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Race reports (there was no report from race 11): 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2004 results 2003 results 2001 results 2000 results

Race 12: Belgium (Spa Francorchamps) 30th November 2005

The final race of the 2005 Formula Dť Championship saw just five cars line up on the grid. The weather was changeable and rain was expected.

Pevans and Mike started at the front of the grid and led into La Source (Turn 1). Martin was slow to start and initially dropped back on the start/finish straight. However, he was then able to slipstream his way past Dommett and Chris to join Chris in La Source (Turn 1) and leave the Championship leader in last place.

Taking Eau Rouge (Turn 2) flat out, Chris sprinted to join Pevans and Mike in Les Combes (Turn 3). Together they worked their way through the next corner (Turn 4) only to find Martin and Dommett taking Chrisís place in Pouhon (Turn 5).

Dommett took Turn 6 perfectly: only Martin could stay with him. Together these two hurtled down the long straight round the gentle Blanchimont curve and into Stavelot (Turn 7). Behind them, Mike exited Turn 6 ahead of Pevans, who had dropped back to duel with Chris.

Dommett took an unchallenged lead when Martin made a mistake entering the final Chicane (Turn 8 and last). However, Mike was too far behind to take advantage. Chris and Pevans negotiated Stavelot (Turn 7).

Everything was going the Dommettís way as he made a quick pitstop to change his soft rubber. Martin exited the Chicane (Turn 8) as Mike entered. He was surprised to find Chris using his slipstream to join him in the corner. Pevansís charge was just not fast enough and he remained in last place.

As Dommett exited the pitlane straight into La Source (Turn 1), Martin made his own stop. Chris and Mike rounded the Chicane (Turn 8). The cloud of smoke behind them was Pevans braking hard to take the Chicane safely and locking his brakes.

Mike made a quick pitstop to exit just behind Martin. Chris was still refreshing his rubber as Pevans exited the Chicane (Turn 8) and went past the pitlane entrance on the hard rubber of his tyres.

As Dommett rounded Eau Rouge (Turn 2), Chris followed Martin and Mike into La Source (Turn 1). Pevans failed to make up ground and was still on the start/finish straight.

Mike moved into second place by making it to Eau Rouge (Turn 2) ahead of Martin and Chris. Dommett was already in Les Combes (Turn 3) and Pevans just in La Source (Turn 1).

However, a sprint in sixth gear took Chris into Les Combes (Turn 3) alongside Mike. Martin tried to follow suit, but didnít have enough oomph. Standing on his brakes, Martin made it into Les Combes (Turn 3) only to find that Pevans had raced up to join him.

As Dommett completed Turn 6, Mike got ahead of Chris round Pouhon (Turn 5) and Pevans cleared Martin in Turn 4. Continuing to accelerate, Pevans caught up with Chris in Stavelot (Turn 7). However he was now travelling too fast. His rubber ran out in the Chicane (Turn 8) and he spun out of the corner.

Dommett made it an easy win with Mike in a clear second place. Chris pulled away from the pirouetting Pevans to take third. Pevans kept control of his car to cross the line ahead of Martin to claim fourth place.

Final Positions: 1st Dommett (10 points), 2nd Mike (8), 3rd Chris (6), 4th Pevans (5), 5th Martin (4).

And so the Dommett wins this year's Championship. Second place goes to Mike with Chris just pipping Jennie for third.

That's it for this year, but we are now debating next year's Championship. If you'd like to join in the discussion, sign up for the Swiggers Yahoo Group on the main Swiggers page.

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Race 10: Japan (Suzuka) 9th November 2005

Eight cars lined up for the start in good weather (for a change!). As the lights went green, all eight made clean getaways from the line. Chris damaged his car as he sped into Turn 1, trying to keep up with the others. Pevans and Julian didnít try hard enough and dropped back at Turn 1. Dommett fell back to join them at the S Curve (Turn 2) as Pevans and Julian caught up a bit.

Jennie led the pack into the Degner Curve (Turn 3). Mike, Martin and Chris were right behind her as all the cars found a lack of power in 5th gear. Richard dropped back from the leaders to be joined by Pevans and Julian on the way to Degner. Dommett was last, still negotiating the S Curve (Turn 2).

Dommett rejoined the rear group in the Degner Curve (Turn 3). Richard then got ahead of them at the Hairpin (Turn 4).

With Jennie still in the lead, she was chased into Spoon (Turn 5) by Mike, Martin and Chris. Richard was still behind them. Pevans bounced his car off Julian in the Hairpin (Turn 4), scattering bits of carbon fibre from his car across the track. Dommett brought up the rear, braking hard as he entered the Hairpin.

Jennie exited Spoon (Turn 5) still keeping the three behind her. Richard took the corner behind them. Then Dommett caught Pevans and Julian on the straight. He and Julian blocked the entrance to the corner, leaving Pevans in last place.

A mistake by Jennie on the approach to the Chicane (Turn 6) allowed the trio to catch her. Martin made the most of this, passing Jennie into the corner and leaving her with Mike and Chris. Then Richard caught all three of them to negotiate the Chicane (Turn 6) in quick succession. Further back, Julian slipstreamed Dommett to get his nose ahead as they crossed the bridge.

Martin turned into the pitlane, as the four behind him jostled each other. Richard was smacked hard by Chris and lost bits of his front wing as a result. Julianís lead took him into the Chicane (Turn 6) ahead of Dommett. Pevans was getting it horribly wrong and dropping further behind.

Martin pitted for fresh rubber and made a quick exit. Richard turned into the pitlane, balking Chris, but still letting Mike slip into his pit. Jennie went past on her hard rubber.

Not stopping allowed Jennie to catch Martin in Turn 1. As Mike accelerated away from his pit, Richard and Chris made their stops. Julian passed the pits, risking his deteriorating soft tyres for another lap. Dommett exited the Chicane (Turn 6) behind him and Pevans was out of sight.

As Julian entered Turn 1, Mike sprinted after him. Braking to take the corner on cold tyres, he slid sideways and dented his sidepod on Julianís rear wheel. Chris and Richard exited the pits as out Dommett turned in. And Pevans finally arrived at the Chicane (Turn 6).

Jennie and Martin stayed ahead through the S Curve (Turn 2). Julian missed the entrance to the corner, allowing Mike to get in front of him. Chris passed him to join Julian. Richard was still in Turn 1 as Dommett made his pitstop.

A fast stop saw Dommett out and into Turn 1 as Pevans sprinted past the pitlane, but couldnít catch him.

As Jennie and Martin entered the Degner Curve (Turn 3), Chris and Mike exited the S Curve (Turn 2). Julian and Richard were in the middle of the corner. Dommett entered S Curve (Turn 2) and Pevans negotiated Turn 1.

Mike dropped Chris to enter the Degner Curve (Turn 3) ahead of him.

Martin finally got the better of Jennie at Spoon (Turn 5) to take the lead. Mike was in the Hairpin (Turn 4) and Chris was taking the Degner Curve (Turn 3).

Having slowed, Jennie was caught by Mike in Spoon (Turn 5). Chris was in the Hairpin (Turn 4). His failing rubber meant Julian missed his braking point for Degner Curve (Turn 3). This allowed Dommett to pass him and join Richard in the corner.

The leading cars maintained their separation. Dommett and Richard duelled round the Hairpin (Turn 4). Julian made it into the Degner Curve (Turn 3) with Pevans catching him fast.

Martin maintained his lead into the Chicane (Turn 6 and last). Jennie and Mike powered along the straight towards the last corner, Mike getting his nose in front. Chris negotiated Spoon (Turn 5) as Dommett and Richard hurried after him. Pevans caught and passed the ailing Julian in the Hairpin (Turn 4).

His momentum then carried Pevans into Spoon (Turn 5) with Dommett and Richard.

As Martin headed for the finishing line, Mike exited the Chicane (Turn 6) ahead of Jennie. Chris was on the straight, heading for the Chicane. Pevans, Dommett and Richard exited Spoon (Turn 5) with Chris in their sights. In last place Julian turned into Spoon.

Martin won quite happily. Mike crossed the line second. Jennie negotiated the Chicane (Turn 6) and finished third. Dommett pulled ahead of Richard and Pevans to catch Chris in the Chicane (Turn 6). Exiting the corner, Dommett out-dragged Chris to the line to take fourth place. As Chris finished fifth, Pevans and Richard contested the Chicane. Richard overcooked it, ran out of rubber and slid across the gravel to retire at the last corner. Pevans took sixth place and Julian nursed his car round to claim the last points. 

Final Positions: 1st Martin (10 points), 2nd Mike (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Dommett (5), 5th Chris (4), 6th Pevans (3), 7th Julian (2). DNF Richard.

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Race 9: Austria (Zeltweg) 7th September 2005

There were just six cars on the starting grid under cloudy skies. The race started smoothly with Dommett leading the way into Castrol (Turn 1). He was followed by Jennie, Chris, Julian, Richard and Pevans as the sun came out and the track warmed up. Dommett took a clear lead into Remus (Turn 2). As Dommett made his way round Gosser (Turn 3) and Turn 4, the other cars exited Remus (Turn 2) onto the long back straight.

Chris and Richard got ahead of the pack into Gosser (Turn 3) as Dommett arrived in Lauda (Turn 5).

Chris and Richard progressed to Turn 4 as Pevans and Julian negotiated Gosser (Turn 3), leaving Jennie outside the corner.

As Dommett neared the end of the lap in Rindt (Turn 8), it began to rain across the circuit. Richard and Chris were in Berger (Turn 6), where Chris slid on the damp surface to knock a turning vane off as he clipped Richardís car.

Despite the damage, Chris got ahead of Richard into Turn 7. The wet surface caught Pevans out and he spun leaving Berger (Turn 6). As the cars slowed down in the rain he was less disadvantaged than he might have been.

Dommett made a slow pit stop and came back onto the track on wet weather tyres still well ahead. Chris was in Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last) and Richard in Rindt (Turn 8). Julian had caught Pevans in Turn 7, which they were now leaving as Jennie took Berger (Turn 6).

Trailing a cloud of spray, Dommett accelerated into Castrol (Turn 1). Chris entered the pitlane as Richard negotiated Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last).

Chris made a quick pit stop, but had only hard, dry weather tyres to put on his car. He left his pit as Richard came into the pitlane. Pevans and Julian duelled through Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last), while Jennie took Turn 7.

Richard made his pit stop as Chris exited the pitlane. Pevans came in next, but Julian stuck to his unworn Ė through dry weather Ė tyres and passed the pits.

Dommett exited Remus (Turn 2) onto the back straight. Chris left Castrol (Turn 1) as Richard, Julian and Pevans all entered the corner. Jennie was in Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last), completing her first lap.

Pevans and Richard charged into Remus (Turn 2) on their wet tyres to catch Chris. Driving cautiously on his unchanged tyres, Julian was left outside the corner. Jennie made her pitstop and switched to wet weather rubber.

Trying to catch up, Julian went too fast into Remus (Turn 2) as the three in front of him completed it. He braked hard. Jennie took Castrol (Turn 1) and charged into Remus (Turn 2). There was some worrying smoke from Pevansís engine just as the sun came out and the track began to dry Ė much to the delight of Chris and Julian on their dry weather tyres.

As Dommett rounded Berger (Turn 6), Pevans made it into Gosser (Turn 3), leaving Chris and Richard outside the corner. Julian accelerated along the back straight as Jennie completed Remus (Turn 2).

Chris got the drop on Richard and entered Gosser (Turn 3) in front of him. Pevans missed the entrance to Lauda (Turn 5) as Chris took Turn 4 behind him. Julian caught the slow Richard in Gosser (Turn 3) as Jennie powered down the back straight. But the rain started again, switching the advantage back to the wet weather tyres.

As Dommett rounded Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last) Pevans was caught in Lauda (Turn 5) by Chris. Richard and Julian left Turn 4 and Jennie headed for Gosser (Turn 3).

Dommett took the chequered flag. Pevans sprinted ahead again and into Berger (Turn 6) while Chris was still in Lauda (Turn 5). Richard and Julian entered the corner behind him. Jennie arrived at Gosser (Turn 3).

Chris was too fast into Berger (Turn 6) as he tried to hold Richard off. His car hurtled across the gravel trap and buried its nose in the tyre wall. Richard avoided the accident and dropped Julian.

Pevans ran out of rubber and spun as he exited Rindt (Turn 8). He still got into Mobilkuom (Turn 9 and last) clear of the next cars. Julian caught Richard in Turn 7, but promptly spun himself on the wet track. Jennie negotiated Berger (Turn 6) safely.

Pevans cruised past the pits to wave to his crew on the way to second place. Richard stayed in third place to the line. Jennie caught Julian in Rindt (Turn 8), passed him on the way to the last corner (Mobilkuom) and finished fourth. Julian kept his car on the circuit to come fifth.

Final Positions: 1st Dommett (10 points), 2nd Pevans (8), 3rd Richard (6), 4th Jennie (5), 5th Julian (4). DNF: Chris.

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Race 8: South Africa (Kyalami) 10th August 2005

There were seven cars on the track for what was, for once, a hot, sunny race day. Clouds of smoke from tortured rubber filled the air as the cars took off from the grid.

Accelerating along the start/finish straight, Dommett led into Total Curve (Turn 1). Behind him Richard knocked bits off Julianís car as he fought to keep up. Chris, Jennie, Julian and Richard made up the group that was second into Total Curve (Turn 1). Pevans and Bijan were the final pair.

A charge from Chris and Richard saw them leave Jennie and Julian behind and catch Dommett in Nashua (Turn 2). Pevans and Bijan finally made it into Total Curve (Turn 1). then they moved up to join slowcoaches Jennie and Julian in Nashua (Turn 2).

Chris, Dommett and Richard carried on together and into Goodyear Sweep (Turn 3). A fast exit from the previous corner and a sprint along the straight allowed Julian and Pevans to join them.

The leading five headed for Goodyear Corner (Turn 4). Dommett, Chris and Richard made it in good order. Pevans was still going fast and spun across the corner and into the run-off area in a cloud of smoke. Julian had slowed down and was left outside the corner. Jennie and Bijan took Goodyear Sweep (Turn 3) safely.

So it was still Dommett, Chris and Richard leading into the Rothmans Esses (Turn 5). Jennie and Bijan negotiated Goodyear Corner (Turn 4). Pevans stuttered back onto the track and Julian headed past him along the straight.

Richard was first to enter Wesbank (Turn 6). Chris slipstreamed past both him and Dommett to join him in the corner. Bijan caught Julian at the Rothmans Esses (Turn 5). Jennie passed Pevans on her way to this corner, but the two cars took the Rothmans Esses (Turn 5) in formation.

A fifth gear charge from Julian saw him join Dommett in Wesbank (Turn 6). They exited the corner together as Chris and Richard arrived at Avoline Sweep (Turn 7). By now Bijan was on his way round Wesbank (Turn 6) and Jennie entered the corner, leaving the limping Pevans behind.

Chris and Richard were still wheel-to-wheel through Corner (Turn 8 and last), but Julianís charge brought him up to them.

Chris hurtled into the pits to make a quick change of his soft rubber tyres. Richard and Julian followed him into the pitlane. Behind them, Dommett took Corner (Turn 8 and last), Bijan hurtled towards the corner with a smoking engine, Jennie negotiated Avoline Sweep (Turn 7) and Pevans brought up the rear.

As Chris exited the pitlane and entered Total Curve (Turn 1), Richard, Julian and Dommett all made their pitstops. Julian and Dommett made fast turnarounds and were on their way before Richard. Bijan worked his way round Corner (Turn 8 and last) as Jennie entered the turn. Pevans was in Avoline Sweep (Turn 7).

Chris took Nashua (Turn 2) in a clear lead. Richard caught back up to Julian and Dommett in Total Curve (Turn 1). Bijan went past the pits as Jennie made a quick stop. Pevans messed up his approach to Corner (Turn 8 and last) and dropped further back.

Julian dropped back from Richard at Nashua (Turn 2). This allowed Dommett to slipstream past him to join Richard in the corner. As Jennie exited the pitlane, Bijan missed the entrance to Total Curve (Turn 1) and Jennie swept past him into the corner. Pevans finally negotiated Corner (Turn 8 and last).

Jennieís progress took her up to Julian at Nashua (Turn 2). At the back Pevans made a pitstop to replace his worn-out tyres.

Back at the front of the race, Chris was in Goodyear Corner (Turn 4). Richard and Dommett matched each other through Goodyear Sweep (Turn 3). Jennie and Julian accelerated out of Nashua (Turn 2) along the Old Pit Straight. Bijan was still in Nashua (Turn 2) and Pevans drove out of the pitlane and into Total Curve (Turn 1).

For a while the cars maintained formation. Then Julian dropped Jennie at the Goodyear Corner (Turn 4). By the time she made it into the corner Bijan was up with her. He slid across the raised curbs in the corner, damaging his undertray.

A mistake by Chris saw Richard join him in Wesbank (Turn 6). Bijan slipstreamed past Jennie into Rothmans Esses (Turn 5). Then Pevans caught Jennie to enter Rothmans Esses (Turn 5) together.

Pevans' charge saw him pass Jennie and catch Bijan in Wesbank (Turn 6).

Chris got back ahead of Richard at Corner (Turn 8 and last). Dommett was behind them in Avoline Sweep (Turn 7). Julian sped along the Caltex Mine Shaft straight towards Avoline Sweep (Turn 7). Pevans and Bijan exited Wesbank (Turn 6) together as Jennie entered the corner.

Chris crossed the finishing line while Richard was still negotiating Corner (Turn 8 and last). Dommett arrived at Corner behind him. Julian entered Avoline Sweep (Turn 7) as Bijan and Pevans powered along the Caltex Mine Shaft towards him. Jennie took Wesbank (Turn 6).

Richard maintained his lead over Dommett to finish second. Dommett was third. Julian missed the entrance to Corner (Turn 8 and last) as Pevans and Bijan exited Avoline Sweep (Turn 7). A charge from Pevans saw him leave Bijan behind and join Julian in Corner (Turn 8).

Pevans blitzed his way past Julian to take 4th place. Julian settled for 5th. Bijan went carefully round Corner (Turn 8 and last) and finished 6th. Jennie limped home as seventh and last.

Final positions: 1st Chris (10 points), 2nd Richard (8), 3rd Dommett (6), 4th Pevans (5), 5th Julian (4), 6th Bijan (3), 7th Jennie (2).

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Race 7: France (Magny-Cours) 3rd August 2005

The postponed race finally started with the rain pelting down as usual. However, the long straights and (mostly) fast corners meant this was still a fast race. Only five cars made it onto the grid and all got away cleanly as the starting lights went out. However, bits were falling off Pevansís car before any of them reached Grande Courbe (Turn 1) thanks to a close encounter with Dommett. The cautious Pevans dropped back into last place at the corner.

Jennie led the field into Adelaide (Turn 3), but was caught by Chris.

Two corners later and Chris left Jennie behind, only to see Julian loom in his mirrors. Dommett joined Jennie as she made it into Turn 5.

Chris forged ahead of Julian at Imola (Turn 6), only to find him back again at Chateau díEau (Turn 7). Behind the leading pair, Dommett and Jennie were squabbling through Imola (Turn 6), while Pevans negotiated Turn 5.

Chris overshot the final complex of corners (Chicane/Lycťe Ė Turn 8) and was forced past the pits. Julian stayed with him onto the start/finish straight. A charge from Pevans saw him join Dommett and Jennie in Chicane/Lycťe (Turn 8), only to knock some more bits off his car on Dommett.

Julian out-dragged Chris, whose car was beginning to suffer, into Grande Courbe (Turn 1). Jennie made a quick pitstop while Dommett entered his pit. Pevans continued his charge and joined Julian in the corner. He was a little too ambitious and slid into the side of Julianís car, removing a couple of turning vanes, but not damaging his own car this time.

Exiting the pits in short order, Jennie joined Chris in Grande Courbe (Turn 1). Dommett pulled out of his pit and headed for the pitlane exit.

Julian out-dragged Pevans out of Estoril (Turn 2) only to find Pevans slipstreaming past him on the way to Adelaide (Turn 3). Jennie pulled ahead of Chris through Estoril (Turn 2).

A sprint from Chris towards Adelaide (Turn 3) was to no avail as Dommett slipstreamed him to join Jennie in the corner. There was some pleasure for Chris in seeing Dommett push his front wing out of line as he misjudged how much room there was between him and Jennie.

Pevans outpaced Julian to arrive in Turn 5 with Julian exiting NŁrburgring (Turn 4). Jennie and Dommett were chasing him while Chris negotiated Adelaide (Turn 3).

Jennie and Dommett caught up to Julian in Turn 5. Pevans was already at Chateau díEau (Turn 7), but slowing as he ran out of rubber (as well as brakes, gears, bodyworkÖ).

Imola (Turn 6) saw Dommett and Jennie get the drop on Julian and leave him behind Ė though well ahead of the limping Chris. Pevans turned into Chicane/Lycťe (Turn 8 and last) still with a clear lead.

Dommett and Jennie raced each other through Chateau díEau (Turn 7) and into Chicane/Lycťe (Turn 8 and last). Julian maintained station behind them, with Chris bringing up the rear.

Pevans strolled across the line to claim his second victory of the season. Jennie outdragged Dommett out of Lycťe (the end of Turn 8) for second place. The rest came home in order.

Final positions: 1st Pevans (10 points), 2nd Jennie (8), 3rd Dommett (6), 4th Julian (5), 5th Chris (4).  

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Race 6: Malaysia (Sepang) 15th June 2005

As was expected, the race started in the rain. Eight cars lined up on the grid. The lights went off and the race started. The cars promptly disappeared into a cloud of spray. A group of three emerged from the spray as the cars slowed for Turn 1: Julian, JP and Pevans. Pevans took the corner a little too fast, sliding into JP and bending his own front wing askew.

As the rest of the cars entered Turn 1, Mike missed a gear and dropped back. Julia was the next to take damage as Dommett powered through the corner alongside her.

Pevans and JP made it into Turn 2 ahead of Julian. Behind him, Dommett, Jennie, Julia and Chris surged along the straight from Turn 1. Mike exited Turn 1 behind them.

It was the turn of the two leaders, Pevans and JP, to fumble: both missed the entry to Turn 3. A charging Dommett caught Julian in Turn 2. This pair were ahead of Jennie, Julia and Chris, with Mike catching them fast.

Their momentum allowed Julian and Dommett to catch Pevans and JP in Turn 3. Chrisís speed through Turn 2 saw him overshoot the corner in a cloud of smoke from his tyres and brakes. Jennie and Julia took Turn 2 more sedately as Mike caught up.

As the front four jostled their way through Turn 3, JP smacked against Dommett and knocked bits off his own car. The back four split up as Chris and Mike entered Turn 3, leaving Jennie behind. Julia slipstreamed Jennie to join the other two in Turn 3.

A sprint in fifth gear saw Julian take a clear lead into Turn 4. This meant he had to brake hard to complete the corner safely. JP slowed on his way into Turn 4, forcing Pevans Dommett to move off the racing line as they followed him in.

As the second half of the cars came into Turn 4, JPís slowness meant Julia caught him. And knocked a turning vane off her front wing as she did so. Chris and Mike moved into Turn 4 with Jennie on way. Having dropped down the gears, Julian was caught again by Pevans, JP and Dommett.

The run to Turn 5 saw Pevans miss a gear and the entrance to the corner. He charged through the corner to regain his position, but overcooked it and spun on the exit. Chris couldnít avoid the spinning car and saw bits of carbon fibre fly off his own car.

Julian got ahead of Dommett and JP and into Turn 6 first. But he was too fast as well and spun as he exited the corner. Dommett and JP arrived at Turn 6 only to have Chris and Julia join them. Pevans had rejoined the race and was accelerating towards the corner as Mike negotiated Turn 5. Jennie brought up the rear.

Julianís spin meant the first cars into Turn 7 were JP, Chris, Dommett and Julia. Mike, Pevans and Jennie jostled through Turn 6 as Julian re-started in between the two groups.

Dommett took the lead into Turn 8, leaving JP, Chris and Julia outside. Pevans got ahead of Mike and Jennie to catch Julian in Turn 7.

Dommett sprinted down the first straight past the grandstand towards the final hairpin (Turn 9). JP and Chris exited Turn 8 side by side. Julia charged to catch them and tried to squeeze between the two cars. There wasnít quite enough room: banging wheels broke her suspension and her car slid to a halt by the side of the track. One wheel broke its tether and bounced onto Chrisís nose, doing his car no good whatsoever. As if this wasnít enough, Pevans followed Julia in a charge into Turn 8. Being rather further behind, he didnít tangle with JP and Chris, but slid through the corner, across the gravel trap and out of the race. Julian took things more carefully and Mike and Jennie exited Turn 7.

A quick pitstop for Dommett saw him keep his lead. Chris was clearly in second place round the final hairpin (Turn 9). The remaining four cars hurtled down the straight behind him.

As Dommett arrived at Turn 1, Chris entered the pitlane. JP was caught by Julian and Jennie in Turn 9, leaving Mike outside.

Chris arrived at his pit only to see Jennie make a quick stop and exit hers. Julian came down the pitlane as Mike rounded Turn 9.

Dommett was well ahead as Jennie left the pitlane, followed by Chris. Julian, JP and Mike all made their own stops. Jennie and Chris reached Turn 1 together as the other three started out of the pits.

With Dommett in Turn 2, Jennie and Chris exited Turn 1. Julian and JP entered the corner, leaving Mike in last place.

Chris pulled ahead of Jennie at Turn 3. JP passed Julian into Turn 2. Julian charged after him and re-caught him in Turn 3, smacking JPís rear wing with his front wheel as he arrived. Similarly, Jennie re-caught Chris into Turn 4. Not expecting this, Chris turned in sharply and put a nice large dent into the side of Jennieís car.

At the front of the race, Dommett negotiated Turn 9, but Chris and Jennie were getting closer. JP led Julian into Turn 4 only for Julian to shunt him from behind. JPís rear wing fell off and his race was over. As Julian tiptoed round the wreckage, Mike joined him in the corner.

A miscalculation saw Dommett brake hard into Turn 6. Chris and Jennie finally caught him. Chris then left Dommett and Jennie behind into Turn 7. Julian and Mike sauntered through Turn 5.

Chris sprinted ahead as Jennie and Dommett rounded Turn 7. Julian and Mike ambled round Turn 6. Still with a clear lead, Chris hurtled down the straight and into the final hairpin (Turn 9). Dommett made a better approach to Turn 8 and left Jennie behind. Similarly, Julian got ahead of Mike at Turn 7.

Chris took the chequered flag as Dommett headed for Turn 9. Jennie was slow into Turn 8, allowing Julian to catch her. Mike slammed through Turn 7.

Dommett took Turn 9 as Mike entered Turn 8 behind Julian and Jennie. Julian shifted into sixth gear and sprinted for Turn 9. He went straight on through the corner and the shell of his car bounced to a stop by the pitlane entrance.

Second place went to Dommett. Mike outdragged Jennie down the straight towards Turn 9, but then had to brake hard, allowing Jennie into the corner before him. Jennie maintained this lead to the line.

Final positions: 1st Chris (10 points), 2nd Dommett (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Mike (5). DNF: Julian, JP, Pevans, Julia.

At the halfway stage of the Championship, Dommett and Mike have a clear lead, with Chris and Jennie competing for third and fourth. But there's still plenty of time for that to change!  

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Race 5: Monaco (Monte Carlo) 18th May 2005

As is usual for Swiggers races, the cars lined up on the grid in the rain. The lights went out and all nine cars pulled away from their starting positions. JP made a slow start, falling behind the cloud of spray as the rest of the cars headed for Sainte Devote (Turn 1).

Dommett led the pack into Sainte Devote (Turn 1). Jennie and Rachel stayed with him. Chris, Julian, Mike, Pevans and Richard made up a second group, with JP bringing up the rear.

Jennie dropped back before Massenet (Turn 2), leaving Dommett and Rachel fighting for the lead. Chris, Julian, Mike and Pevans joined her while Richard faltered and was caught by JP.

The cars sped through Casino Square and into Turn 3 (Casino): 1, 2, 3, 4, whoops! Mike and Julian banged wheels as they went into the corner, fighting for the racing line. Mikeís car brushed the Armco, knocking bits of aerodynamic trim off the side.

Taking the best line into Mirabeau (Turn 4), Jennie caught the two leaders. They were fighting each other, with Rachel putting a dent into Dommettís sidepod with her front wheel. Chris charged in 5th gear to make up the distance and joined the leading group. This left Pevans, Mike and Julian still outside the corner with Richard and JP catching up.

Julian got his entry to Mirabeau (Turn 4) slightly wrong and bent his front wing on Mikeís rear tyre. Braking hard, Pevans thumped into the back of Mike and loosened his rear wing. The infighting slowed them down and JP and Richard joined them.

The slow hairpin closed the field up. Rachel took Loews/Portier (Turn 5) particularly slowly. Richard charged into the pack, bouncing his car off two others and losing various turning vanes as he does so. JP wasnít expecting this and clobbered his own front wing on Richard.

Chris, Dommett, Jennie and Rachel still led out of Loews/Portier (Turn 5). Dommett made the best exit and sprinted through the tunnel. He had to brake hard for Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6), allowing the other three to rejoin him.

In the rain Chris, Dommett and Jennie all missed the entrance to Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6), giving Rachel the lead. Chris knocked some bits off Dommettís car and Jennie skewed her front wing on the crash barriers.

Rachelís lead was short-lived as she got the approach to Tabac (Turn 7) wrong. Chris, Dommett and Jennie joined her in the corner and Mike and Pevans sprinted into the pack.

Six cars through the Swimming Pool (Turn 8) complex in the rain wasnít a good idea. Cars slid every which way, but the only damage was suffered by Rachel as Dommett sideswiped her. Keeping clear of the fracas, Julian, JP and Richard had their own duel through Tabac (Turn 7).

Mike made a big mistake at Rascasse (Turn 9). Not only did the leading group leave him behind, but Julian, JP and Richard sailed past him as he built back up to racing speed.

Chris, Dommett and Rachel got good traction out of the hairpin to leave Jennie and Pevans behind at the last corner Ė Anthony Noghes (Turn 10).

Chris was first into the pits. A fast stop saw him come straight out. Dommett was right behind him: in and out. The cars in the pitlane blocked Rachel, who didnít make it into her pit. Jennie and Pevans negotiated Anthony Noghes (Turn 10), keeping Julian, JP and Richard behind them. Mike finally exited Rascasse (Turn 9).

Chris and Dommett reached Sainte Devote (Turn 1) on their second lap. Rachel finally got into her pit only to find her pit crew not in top form. Jennie and Pevans left Anthony Noghes (Turn 10) and passed the pitlane entrance at full speed.

A charge in sixth gear took Dommett out of Sainte Devote (Turn 1) and into Massenet (Turn 2) well ahead of Chris. Pevans and Jennie arrived in Sainte Devote (Turn 1), to be joined by Rachel as she finally left the pits. Richard didnít stop, hurtling down the start/finish straight in a cloud of spray. JP made his pitstop, as Julian pottered into the pitlane. Mike made his way round Anthony Noghes (Turn 10).

Pevans and Jennie left Rachel behind to join Chris in Massenet (Turn 2). Julian pitted as JP exited and Mike went past the entrance to the pitlane.

Dommett sped into Casino (Turn 3) as Chris, Jennie and Pevans raced across Casino Square behind him. Richard caught Rachel in Massenet (Turn 2). Mike joined JP in Sainte Devote (Turn 1). And Julian pulled away from his pit.

Dommett led into the slow corners of Mirabeau, Loews and Portier. Behind him, Chris, Jennie and Pevans fought for second place through Mirabeau (Turn 4). Rachel and Richard hustled each other through Casino (Turn 3). Mike left Sainte Devote (Turn 1) in sixth gear, beating JP into Massenet (Turn 2). Julian arrived at Sainte Devote (Turn 1).

Dommett hurtled through the tunnel and into the Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6) with no competition. Chris, Jennie and Pevans exited Loews/Portier (Turn 5) together, but Jennie was a gear up. Richard and Rachel picked their way through Loews/Portier (Turn 5) as Mike entered the hairpin. JP took Mirabeau (Turn 4) ahead of Julian in Casino (Turn 3).

Despite her advantage, Pevans stuck with Jennie through the tunnel. The pair dropped Chris at the Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6). But they were caught by Rachel, who had charged fast through the tunnel and past Chris. If that wasnít enough, Richard caught Chris. Behind them Mike made a fast exit from Loews/Portier (Turn 5), leaving JP in the corner and Julian just entering.

Mikeís speed allowed him to catch Chris and Richard in the Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6).

Still with a clear lead, Dommett made it into Rascasse (Turn 9). Pevans ran out of rubber and spun on the exit from the Swimming Pool complex (Turn 8), negating his slight lead over Jennie and Rachel. Richard made it into Swimming Pool (Turn 8), leaving Chris and Mike in Tabac (Turn 7). JP came out of the tunnel and into Nouvelle Chicane (Turn 6). Julian exited Loews/Portier (Turn 5) and entered the tunnel.

Jennie and Rachel pulled ahead of the recovering Pevans and into Rascasse (Turn 9). Richard was catching him as well as Chris and Mike headed for the Swimming Pool (Turn 8). JP sprinted through Tabac (Turn 7) in an effort to catch up.

Dommett took the chequered flag as Jennie and Rachel argued over the next two places through Anthony Noghes (Turn 10 and last). Richard followed Pevans into Rascasse (Turn 9). Chris and Mike exited Swimming Pool (Turn 8) where they were joined by a spinning JP.

Rachel out-dragged Jennie out of Anthony Noghes (Turn 10) and down the start/finish straight for second place. Richard took a tighter line through Anthony Noghes (Turn 10) than Pevans, but slid sideways, ramming his front wheel into Pevans and knocking off bits of aerofoil.

Jennie finished third. Richard carried his speed through Anthony Noghes (Turn 10) to get past Pevans. Chris sprinted into the corner, sensing an opportunity to gain a place and leaving Mike behind. JP was no threat to him as he recovered from his spin. At the back, Julian was the third car to spin on the exit from Swimming Pool (Turn 8).

Richard took fourth place as Chris caught Pevans on the start/finish straight. Mike spun his way out of Anthony Noghes (Turn 10), giving JP some hope as he negotiated Rascasse (Turn 9).

Chris was 5th, Pevans 6th. Julian caught JP in Anthony Noghes (Turn 10) as Mike kept ahead of them.

Mike finished 7th, while Julian just got past JP to claim the last points-scoring position.

Final positions: 1st Dommett (10 points), 2nd Rachel (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Richard (5), 5th Chris (4), 6th Pevans (3), 7th Mike (2), 8th Julian (1), 9th JP (0).

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Race 4: Canada (Montreal) 20th April 2005

If itís Montreal, it must be raining! Yes, nine cars drew up on the grid in the pouring rain. As they pulled away from the start, the track quickly disappeared in a cloud of spray, punctured only by the occasional flashing red light at the back of a car.

The first group into Turn 1 was Chris, JP, Pevans and Mike. Behind them came a smaller group of Rachel, Dommett and Jennie. Rachel was the first to see parts of her carís bodywork on the track as the cars slid into each other. Ben and Richard brought up the rear and were the last cars into Turn 1.

As the cars jostled round Turn 1, JP came together with another car, and saw his front wing go askew.

Rachel got the exit from Turn 2 right and joined the leading pack of four in Turn 2. In his turn, Ben did the same to join Dommett and Jennie in Turn 2. This left Richard dead last.

Rachelís turn of speed saw her lead the group into Turn 3. On the way there was a Pevans sandwich that resulted in some damage to his car.

Mike slipstreamed Pevans towards Turn 4, but didnít get much advantage. Chris missed the braking point for Turn 4 and was dropped by the leading group. Ben wasnít expecting Chrisís sudden slowdown and put a dent in his sidepod. Jennie skated into this pair of cars and saw her nose cone take a battering. Dommett joined them without incident and Richard stayed well clear in last place.

With the leading group on its way to Turn 5, the second foursome crowded each other around Turn 4. Ben lost some grip on the exit from the corner and banged wheels with Jennie. She slid across the kerb, damaging the undertray of her car.

The cars closed up in Turn 5 Ė except Richard Ė and then stretched out again along the following straight.

Rachel led into Turn 6, only to see Mike sprint up alongside her and get his nose in front. Mikeís momentum carried him into the pits first. A quick stop allowed him to get out and baulking Rachel in the pit lane. Ben and Dommett caught Pevans and JP in Turn 6 and a cloud of spray. Several shards of carbon fibre skittered out of the cloud and across the track, but all the cars emerged still pointing in the right direction.

Mike led into Turn 1 as he started his second lap. Rachel made her pit stop, as did Dommett, Ben and Pevans. JP screamed past along the start/finish straight. Jennie and Chris were still negotiating Turn 6, where Richard joined them.

Chasing the leader, JP, Rachel, Dommett, Ben and Pevans all accelerated into Turn 1. Jennie charged along the straight to join them. Richard also went past the pits, but wasnít fast enough to make the corner. Chris went in to his pits.

Jennie had to brake hard in Turn 1 to shed her speed. This allowed Richard to catch up with her only to see her car slew sideways and across his nose. The shunt from Richard was too much for Jennieís suspension and her car slid into the gravel and out of the race. Richard lost a turning vane or two, but kept running. Chris charged out of the pits.

Dommett and JP got the entrance to Turn 2 just right and left Pevans Ben Rachel behind. The positions now were: Mike in Turn 3; Dommett and JP exiting Turn 2; Rachel, Pevans and Ben entering Turn 2; Richard outside the corner and Chris completing Turn 1.

A mistake from JP at Turn 3 allowed the Dommett to get ahead of him. It didnít last long as JP re-caught Dommett in Turn 4. Chrisís charge took him up to Richard in Turn 2.

"Whatís the worst that can happen?" cried Pevans as he banged wheels with Rachel on the way out of Turn 4. "Oh," he said as his saw his suspension bend the wrong way.

There were no position changes as the cars battled their way round the track. Entering the final corner (Turn 6), Mike still held a clear lead. Dommett and JP exited Turn 5 together. Pevans, Ben and Rachel jostled each other round Turn 5. And Chris and Richard raced each other towards Turn 5.

This produced a comfortable win for Mike. Dommett and JP negotiated Turn 6, but JP did so in 5th gear. This put him ahead out of the corner to finish second. Dommett came in third, just behind him.

As they completed Turn 6, Ben got his nose ahead of Rachel. Rachel put her foot down and outdragged him down the straight to claim fourth place. Having pushed his car hard to keep up with these two, Pevans ran out of rubber and spun on the exit of Turn 6. Ben had no challenger for his fifth place.

Seeing an opportunity, Chris charged for Turn 6, but miscalculated the entrance to the corner. Some hard braking from him wore out what was left of his rubber. He spun to the end of the corner. Richard seized his chance and sailed past both the floundering cars to take sixth place. Pevans kept his advantage over Chris to take seventh and Chris took the last points-scoring place.

Final positions: 1st Mike (10 points), 2nd JP (8), 3rd Dommett (6), 4th Rachel (5), 5th Ben (4), 6th Richard (3), 7th Pevans (2), 8th Chris (1). DNF: Jennie.

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Race 3: China (Zhunai) 23rd March 2005

For once the sun shone on the Swiggers Formula Dť race. Seven cars lined up on the starting grid, the drivers squinting against the bright light.

Mike took the lead into Turn 1. After him came a the bunch of JP, Chris and Richard. Dommett, Jennie and Pevans made up the third group as Mike sped away.

JP slid into Chris in Turn 2, taking chunks off his front wing and Chrisís rear wing. Then he encountered Richard and put a dent into his sidepod.

Mike negotiated Turn 3 as JP, Chris and Richard left Turn 2. Pevans, Dommett and Jennie were still in Turn 2. Dommett slipstreamed Pevans on their way towards Turn 3.

A sprint in sixth gear enable Chris to catch Mike in Turn 4. Further back, Jennie pushed her front wing out of shape on Pevansís rear tyre in Turn 3.

Mike and Chris powered their way towards Turn 5 as Jennie slipped into last place. Pevans and Dommett were ahead of her into Turn 4.

JP charged past Chris into Turn 5 and took second place behind Mike. Richard slipped back, allowing Pevans and Dommett to close in on him. They duly caught him in Turn 5.

Mike made a quick pitstop, enjoying the luck that goes with being in first place. JP used all his brakes in the final hairpin (Turn 6) to make sure he could still make it into the pitlane. Chris was charging down the straight behind him. Richard, Pevans and Dommett were in Turn 5 and Jennie motored along behind them.

Mike arrived in Turn 1 with no competition as JPís tyre change was slow. Chris hit the final hairpin (Turn 6). Behind him, Pevans slipstreamed Richard out of Turn 5 alongside Dommett.

As Chris made it into the pits, JP came out. Richard returned the favour to Pevans, slipstreaming him into Turn 6. Dommett took the straight in fifth gear and overshot the corner a bit.

Untroubled in the lead, Mike charged into Turn 2. His engine produced a cloud of smoke, but continued to produce its customary high revs. JP was in Turn 1 while Dommett made a quick pitstop and Chris exited his pits. Richard and Pevans accelerated down the start/finish straight, ignoring the pitlane. Pevans slipstreamed Richard again to get his nose in front.

Pevans caught Chris in Turn 1, leaving Richard behind. Dommett ran into Richard, but only damaged his own car. Jennie arrived at Turn 6.

A burst of full revs in sixth gear saw Jennie sprint down the start/finish straight and into Turn 1 with Dommett and Richard.

Chris was the next to put his foot down, charging into Turn 2 to catch JP and drop Pevans. Smoke from Chrisís engine didnít seem to impair his performance.

Jennieís momentum saw her sprint past Pevans into Turn 2. Pevans responded with a burst of fifth gear on the way to Turn 3 only to see a plume of smoke from his engine. He eased off the accelerator, allowing Dommett and Richard to close up.

As Mike sailed serenely on in the lead, JP chased Chris into Turn 4. Jennie was between corners, ahead of Pevans, Dommett and Richard, who were negotiating Turn 3.

JP couldnít keep up with Chris and was then caught by Jennie in Turn 4. Dommett hit sixth gear out of Turn 3 to join them. More smoke from Chrisís engine suggested it could be terminal soon.

Pevans got past Richard again when they arrived at Turn 4. Unfortunately, he was travelling just a little too fast. His car spun on the exit from the corner. And continued spinning across the gravel trap, into the tyre wall and out of the race.

As Mike took the chequered flag, JP and Jennie caught the slowing Chris in Turn 5. It was the turn of Jennieís engine to produce too much smoke. Chris got ahead again in Turn 6 and sprinted for the finish line. JP tried too hard to keep up and hurtled straight through Turn 6. At least the remains of his car were in easy walking distance of the pits.

Chris maintained his lead to finish second. Jennie crossed the line well ahead of Dommett. Richard spun leaving Turn 5 and, as he was in last place anyway, pottered round the rest of the track in first gear.

Final positions: 1st Mike (10 points), 2nd Chris (8), 3rd Jennie (6), 4th Dommett (5), 5th Richard (4). DNF: Pevans, JP.

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Race 2: Hungary 23rd February 2005

With the weather overcast, but not raining, all eight cars got away cleanly from the grid. They bunched up on the approach to Turn 1, with Sean trailing a little distance behind the pack. Markus and Russell took the lead into the corner.Russell couldnít maintain the pace, allowing Markus to go into Turn 2 a clear first. The rest of the cars negotiated Turn 1 Ė except for Sean, who was progressing slowly on his wet-weather tyres.

The pack split into two at Turn 2, Russell, Dommett and Pevans getting ahead of Chris, JP and Mike. Sean made his way around Turn 1

A sprint from Markus into Turn 3 saw smoke belch from his engine. Sean made a similar charge to catch to Chris, JP and Mike in Turn 2.

Pevans dropped his two challengers to hit Turn 3 alone in second place.

Dommett beat Russell to negotiate Turn 3 on his own, too as Sean slipstreamed towards the front of the main group of cars.

As Pevans powered through Turn 5, catching Markus at the front, the rain came down. It caught Dommett in Turn 4, where he slowed down drastically. Russell, Sean, Chris and Mike did the same in Turn 3. Mikeís braking wasnít quiet enough as he slid into Sean, knocking his front wing askew. Falling behind this group, JP brought up the rear.

The charging Pevans caught Markus in Turn 6 as the new driver struggled in the wet. Dommett went round Turn 5 in a cloud of spray. Russell, Mike, Chris and Sean negotiated Turn 4 without incident. JP made it to Turn 3.

Pevans and Markus jostled for position through Turn 6 without any damage. But Chris clipped Russell in Turn 5, giving him some handling problems on the wet track. Chrisís reward was to be shunted by Mike, whose brakes werenít quite as effective as he thought. Sean dropped back a bit as he avoided the debris from Chrisís car. Turn 4 was occupied by JP.

Markus was slow out of Turn 6, allowing Pevans to take the lead. Dommett powered through Turn 6 behind them. Chris and Mike made their way into Turn 6, leaving Russell outside the corner. JP caught Sean in Turn 5.

Dommett charged alongside Markus in Turn 7. Russell ran out of rubber and spun on the exit of Turn 6, allowing JP and Sean to catch him. JP went past on the left, but snagged his front wing on the spinning car. Sean took the righthand side and passed him safely

Dommett fell back from Markus in Turn 8. Chris and Mike were chasing in Turn 7. Russell accelerated back up to racing speed watching Sean and JP shrinking in front of him on the way to Turn 7.

Chris and Mike caught the faltering Dommett in Turn 8 as Sean and JP matched each other through Turn 7. Russell was well behind them.

Pevans completed his first lap, but his pit crew fumbled the change to wet weather tyres. Markus rounded the last corner (Turn 10) in good condition. Chris, Mike and Dommett took Turn 9 in formation. JPís rubber ran out and he spun at the exit of Turn 8, giving some hope to Russell, who was pottering to Turn 7.

Pevans finally set off from his pit only to see Markus flash past down the straight. JP pulled away from his spin as Sean arrived at Turn 9.

Markus overcooked Turn 1 and exited in a cloud of brakedust and rubber Ė so much for his carefully preserved car. Pevans entered the corner behind him. Chris, Dommett and Mike made their pit stops, Dommett sticking to dry weather tyres. Fast stops for Dommett and Mike saw them both into the pit lane in short order. Sean rounded Turn 10 as JP headed for Turn 9 and Russell pulled his car to the side of the track and waited for a lift home.

Chris caught back up to Dommett and Mike in Turn 1 as Sean made a fast pitstop.

The threesome caught Pevans, whoíd miscalculated the first couple of corners badly, in Turn 2. JP made his pitstop.

As Markus barrelled round Turn 3, Dommett, Chris, Mike and Pevans were on their way after him. Sean negotiated Turn 2 and JP left the pits.

Positions remained unchanged through several short corners. Then Chris missed Turn 6 and Pevans, Mike and Dommett left him behind.

Then Markus failed to get into Turn 7 as Sean caught Chris in Turn 6.

Of the three pursuing cars, only Pevans caught Markus in Turn 7. They left Dommett and Mike behind as Chris and Sean exited Turn 6.

Turn 8 caused further problems for Markus, letting Pevans back into the lead Ė at the cost of most of his brakes and tyres. Dommett and Mike closed up as they entered Turn 7. Chris charged after them and Sean was able to slipstream him to stay in contention. There was clearly something wrong with JPís car as he parked it to retire from the race.

Mike tried to muscle his way past Dommett in Turn 8, only to knock bits off his own car. Chris stayed with this pair. The three cars left no room for Sean in Turn 8 and he had to drop back.

Pevans arrived at the final corner (Turn 10) in the lead. Markus, Dommett, Mike and Chris were competing in Turn 9, where Mike knocked some further bits off his car by running into Markus. Sean brought up the rear in Turn 9.

Pevans sailed round Turn 10 and hurtled down the start/finish straight to win the race. Dommett beat the rest through the corner for second place. Chris out-dragged Mike to go third and fourth, ahead of Markus. Sean came through as the last finisher.

Final positions: 1st Pevans (10 points), 2nd Dommett (8), 3rd Chris (6), 4th Mike (5), 5th Markus (4), 6th Sean (3). DNF: JP, Russell.

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Race 1: Australia (Melbourne) 26th January 2005

A random allotment of pole position saw Jennie take the prime starting place in the rain. Yes, the first race of the year was held in the wet. It was Pevans who made a fast getaway from the grid. As he started seventh (of seven), it didnít do him much good. The cars accelerated away from their starting positions and into Turn 1 (Jones/Brabham). Dommett and Pevans were left behind as back markers.

Sean and Mike missed the entrance to Turn 2 (Whiteford), leaving Jennie. Richard and JP at the front of the race.

Not surprisingly, Pevans and Dommett then caught Sean and Mike in Turn 2 (Whiteford). Jennie took advantage of a slipstream on Richard to take a clear lead into Turn 3.

Richard responded by charging through Turn 3 Ė burning rubber as he went Ė to catch Jennie in Turn 4 (Clark Chicane). He couldnít keep it up, though, and fell back on the following straight, rejoining JP to fight for second place. The remaining four cars swept round the corners in formation, some way behind the leaders

Turn 5 was JPís undoing. Entering too fast forced him to crunch down the gears. As he got back up to speed through the corner, Sean, Mike and Dommett caught him. This left Pevans dead last again. Meanwhile another spurt from Richard saw him join Jennie in Turn 6 (Ascari).

Mike pulled ahead of the middle group (JP, Sean and Dommett) to enter Turn 6 (Ascari) ahead of them. Pevansí problems multiplied as he followed JPís example and missed the entrance to Turn 5.

Jennie and Richard exited the final corner, Turn 7 (Stewart/Prost), neck and neck. Richard dived into the pitlane, but Jennie sped on down the start/finish straight.

Mike joined Richard in the pits for fresh tyres as JP, Dommett and Sean completed Turn 7 (Stewart/Prost). Dommett overshot and braked hard to make sure he could reach the pitlane entrance. Behind these three, Pevans was just entering the corner.

Leaving his pit, Richard dashed into Turn 1 (Jones/Brabham) chasing Jennie. JP and Dommett turned into their pits, while Sean went past completely and into third place.

Mike left the pits to join Sean in Turn 1 (Jones/Brabham) and challenge for third. A fast stop saw Dommett out of the pits as JP entered his and Pevans completed Turn 7 (Stewart/Prost).

Richard missed the entrance to the slow Turn 2 (Whiteford), allowing Mike to slipstream past him into the corner. Sean hit the bend on just raw power Ė but was he going too fast? JP caught up with Dommett in Turn 1 (Jones/Brabham) as Pevans swept past the pits. He was still last.

Sean crunched down the gears to negotiate Turn 2 (Whiteford) safely with Mike for company. Behind them, Richard entered the corner and Dommett and JP joined him with a sprint from the previous corner. JP took a chunk out of Dommettís rear wing as his car slewed sideways in a cloud of spray.

The compliment was repaid by Dommett as he nudged JP in turn 3, putting a dent in his sidepod. Pevans charged into the corner with them, but ran out of tread on his tyres and spun his car.

Back at the front of the race, Jennie stayed ahead. But the duel between Sean and Mike got ever closer and Richard dropped further back. JP was caught out entering Turn 4 (Clark Chicane) allowing Dommett to get in front of him and join Richard in the corner.

Dommett pulled ahead of Richard in Turn 5. And then JP caught him.

Mike got the drop on Sean leaving the final corner, Turn 7 (Stewart/Prost), as Jennie sped towards the finishing line.

Jennie won as Mike headed Sean down the final straight. Dommett hit Turn 7 (Stewart/Prost), JP and Richard negotiated Turn 6 (Ascari) and Pevans stuttered through Turn 5.

Mike took the chequered flag ahead of Sean. JP fell behind Richard on the way to Turn 7 (Stewart/Prost), which allowed Pevans to catch him.

Dommett finished fourth, Richard fifth. Pevans got ahead of JP through Turn 7 (Stewart/Prost) and stayed in front to the line to claim sixth place. JP completed the race in seventh.

Final positions: 1st Jennie (10 points), 2nd Mike (8), 3rd Sean (6), 4th Dommett (5), 5th Richard (4), 6th Pevans (3), 7th JP (2).

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