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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Greasy Pole for July 1675

ID Name SL SPs Cash Rank, Regiment/Appointment MA Last seen Club EC Player
BeV Viscount Ben e'Volence 25 F Wlthy B.Bdr-General CPC/War Minister 11   Flr 3 Ash Casey
JdG Count Jacques de Gain 24 35 Flthy Fld Marshal 24     6 Ben Brown
PC Count Pierre Cardigan 24 34 Wlthy   10 Justine Flr 6 Matt Shepherd
BRJS Count Beau Reese Jean Seine 24 F Flthy B.Bdr-General RFG/State Min. 12   Flr 4 Bill Hay
JJ Count Jean Jeanie 23 60 Flthy General 32 Jacky Flr 3 Andrew Kendall
GdB Count Greg de Bécqueur 23 F Rich B.Lt-General/Gds Brigadier 13   Flr 5 Anthony Gilbert
BdLS Count Bernard de Lur-Saluces 22 51 Flthy Lt-General 18   Flr 3 Rob Pinkerton
TC Count Terence Cuckpowder 21 F Wlthy B.Lt-General/HGds Brigadier 6   Flr 6 Mike Dommett
CdP Marquis Camille de Polignac 21 F Comfy Lt.Colonel RFG/Justice Min. 4   Flr 4 James McReynolds
Anon Baron Les Anonyme 20 44 Poor Bdr-General/Min w/o Port 3   Flr 5 Bruno Giordan
ZUT Baron Zavier Ulric Turenne 19 37 Comfy Lt-General/Min w/o Port 4   Flr 1 Bob Blanchett
HDS Earl Henri DuShite 18 F Rich B.Bdr-General RM 14   Both 4 Dave Marsden
RS Baron Rick Shaw 18 F Wlthy B.General/2nd Army Commndr 2   Both 6 Charles Burrows
JiT Viscount Justin Thyme 17 F Rich B.Bdr-General QOC 15   Both 2 Gerald Udowiczenko
XM Baron Xavier Money 17 RIP             Pam Udowiczenko
LR Baron Louis Renault 16 F Rich Lt-General/1st Div Commandr 2   Both 4 Roy Bleasdale
GM Sir Gaz Moutarde 15 31 Wlthy Bdr-General 4   Both 2 Mike Clibborn-Dyer
CdN Sir Claude de Nord 15 F Wlthy B.Bdr-General KM/CPS 3   Flr 4 Andrew Larder
NM Sir Neville Moore 14 F Wlthy Captain RFG/LtGen's Aide 1   Hunt 2 Cameron Wood
MdG Martin de Garnache 13 F Comfy Major RFG/RFG Regt. Adjt. 3   Both 4 Bill Howell
JH Sir Jacques Hatt 13 F Comfy B.Lt-General/Cav Div Commandr 4   Both 3 Joel Halpern
BS Marquis Balzac Slapdash 12 F Wlthy B.Bdr-General PLLD/Drgn Brigadier 18   Hunt 5 Matthew Wale
ZvT Sir Zeold von Tu 12 F Wlthy Lt.Colonel CG/Ensn.C's Esc 7   Both 3 Tim Macaire
LSD Sir Louis Severin Descartes 12 F Comfy B.Bdr-General GDMD/FMshl's Aide 4   Hunt 1 Chris Schotmann
FS Baron Felipe Savant 11 F Comfy Captain RFG 5   BG 4 Brick Amundsen
TdlL Thomas de la Lune 11 F OK Bdr-General/3 F Brigadier 3   Hunt 5 Peter Card
HWB Hector William Boone 11 F Comfy Major RFG 5   Hunt 5 Paul Wilson
AlCh Baron Alvin Charles 11 F Comfy Lt.Colonel GDMD 10   F&P 2 Graeme Wilson
AB Sir Ari Beaux 10 F OK Lt.Colonel 13F 7     4 Graeme Morris
FXC Frank X Change 9 F Comfy Lt.Colonel KM 6   BG 4 Nigel Monaghan
VdP Vinne d'Pooh 9 F Wlthy Lt.Colonel RM/1 F Brigade Maj. 4   RP 2 Terry Crook
TTT Tiny Thierry Toothpick 8 F Comfy Captain RFG 5   BG 1 Jason Fazackarley
MCC Michael Chevalier-Cavalier 7 F OK B.Lt.Colonel DG 4     4 Mark Cowper
SE Stephane Etrange 7 F OK Major CPC 3   F&P 4 Neil Packer
CA Come Asiouar 6 F OK Captain QOC 3   F&P 4 Jacob Andersson
BN Beau Nidle 5 F OK Captain CPC 2   RP 3 Paul Murphy
RRT Ramond Repose de la Tombe 5 F Comfy B.Colonel PM 7     1 Olaf Schmidt
PP Pierre Pressure 4 F Poor Captain GDMD 3     1 Ray Vahey
X3   4 0 Poor   2     3 Pauli Kidd
BLC Botte Le Chimiste 4 F OK Captain GDMD 2     4 Tym Norris
JdA Jean d'Aubergine 4 F OK Lt.Colonel 4A 3   RP 3 Paul Robbins
AA Armand Alsace 3 F OK Lt.Colonel 53F 7     4 Sebastian Emde
ElF Elroi le Flingue 3 F Poor Captain GDMD 6     4 Daniel Racke

An F under SPs means that the character was at the Front, RIP means that he died, Ret that he retired.
+ against SL means it went up this month, - means it went down.
Cash: Poor=< 500, OK=500-1500, Comfy=1500-5000, Wlthy=5000-10000, Rich=10000-25000, Flthy=25000+
Last seen is the mistress the character was last seen with in public.
EC is Endurance Class: 1=< 60, 2=60-90, 3=91-120, 4=121-159, 5=160-200, 6=201+