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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses
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Les Petites Bêtes Soyeuses

Players' Press for July 1675

Sections: Announcements, Blatant Brown-nosing, Despatches from the Front, Matters of Honour, Military Missives, Ministerial Correspondence, Personal, Poetry Corner, Social


The Picardy Musketeers are looking for fine young men, especially those with the qualities that would make them good Officers. Financial assistance available to all Officers. We are off to the Front!

** Join the QOC **
Gentleman of Paris, if you are new to the city or are looking for a new Regiment, then you can do no better than join the Queen's Own Carabiniers.
Please contact me for more details, and some financial help is available.
† Viscount Thyme

Despatches from the Front

Remember, lads: do it to them before they do it to you. Also, aim low!
† TdlL

Dear Maman,
Thank you for your recent letter and invitation to visit the chateau Papa inherited from great-uncle Timothy.
I am sorry to say that I won't be able to go. After several summers of boredom, doing nothing constructive. I have decided to rejoin the army and go to the Front.
    Your loving son,
† Xavier


To the good gentlemen of Paris, Greetings!
It seems my valet has no skill in keeping my calendar! Not only did I appear the wrong week for a party last month; but an announcement was made that I'd be holding a party in June, when of course I shall be at the front with my fellow soldiers of the King! Therefore please ignore my call to meet at the club. Instead, the important military matters I brought up can be discussed in the field at my tent between bouts of battle. I shall provide wine and cheese to all my fellow soldiery.
† Neville Moore

Military Missives

To Brigadier General Descartes
Sir, thank you for your kind offer. I am looking forward to joining your fine regiment.
† Botte Le Chimiste


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Dear Friends,
My old friend the Picardy Musketeers' Regimental Surgeon has read me the riot act after two months of Conthpichichic-ous Consumption and has locked me in the gym for the next two months.
Do not buy me Drinkth.
I have purchased enough parsley and onions to make outfit a German Regimental band with a dozen Tubas.
    Sinsaladly yours,
† Turenne

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Bespoke coaches and carriages.
Whether you want a luxury upholstered carriage with your coat of arms, or a discreet black coach with smoked glass windows, we can accommodate your needs.
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Poetry Corner

(All signed poetry submissions gain their author at least 1 SP)

My oh my, what have we here?
Michael Chevalier-Cavalier
Casting assertions and causing offence
Without any evidence.
Makes you wonder what he meant,
Undermining His Majesty's Government.
Any true Frenchman would ask, Why?
Could he be an English spy?

A moment of silence,
And raise up your glass,
For colleagues remembered,
Whose time has now passed.

*Anthem for Doomed Musketeers*
What fun'ral bells for these who die as cattle?
Only the thund'rous boom of the guns;
Only the flashing sabres' metal rattle
Patter out prayer for fallen sons.
No masses now for them; no clicking beads;
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs -
The shrill, demented choirs of bloodied steeds;
And bugles calling me to brave the fires.