The Siege of Troy Photos 4 – Panorama

This panorama has been assembled by stitching together some photos. The results are not always as sharp as they could be. Wide shot of characters at the start of the game

On the plains of Troy (l-r):

Greek archer and hero Philoctetes (Graham Harper) looks nonchalant; Castor (Simon Knight) and Pollux (Tony Leadbetter), Princes of Sparta, chat to an almost obscured Herakles/Hercules (Jerry Elsmore).

Pan (Gary O'Connell) darts behind (I think) husband and wife Antimone (Emma Waite) and Autolycus (Steve Margetts), High Priest of Hermes; another group lurks at the back.

Hippolyte (Dream Batty), exiled Queen of the Amazons, disappears in the gap between photos; Calchas (Tym Norris), High Priest of Zeus, rushes past; Orpheus (Ian Macdonald) prepares to sing, play the lyre or declaim; behind them Calliope (Janet Young), a noblewoman from Corinth, converses with someone.

Cheiron (Hanbury Hampden-Turner), King of the Centaurs, blocks the doorway with two others; Greek Kings Nestor (Mark Doney) and Odysseus (Paul Snow) sit and consider.

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