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The Siege of Troy Photos
2 – Of Gods and Ducks

Here are some photos I took of the game in progress.

Hermes in winged helmet and carrying staff
Enter Hermes (Tony Mitton), Messenger of the Gods, just too fast for the camera! King Agamemnon (Karim Kronfli) can be seen in the background.

Group of characters on Saturday morning
Gods in the morning (foreground l-r): Apollo (Donald Oddy), God of Music and Prophecy, watches Hermes (Tony Mitton) get an ear-bashing from Hades (David Shannon), Lord of the Underworld. Prince Hector (Chris Boote) of Troy is caught by the sunshine and Aphrodite (Anita Szostak), Goddess of Love, pretends not to notice the camera.

Two characters on chairs
Athene (Julia Boote), Goddess of Truth, Wisdom and the Arts, confers with her High Priestess, Hermione (Katy Margetts).

Four of the Gods sit in council
The Council of the Gods. In shot are (l-r): Apollo (Donald Oddy), God of Music and Prophecy; Hera (Sue Lee), Goddess of Marriage and Fidelity and wife of Zeus; Ares (Steve Bassett) God of War; and Zeus (John Davies) Supreme Ruler of the Gods.

Someone in a giant duck costume...
A "strangely alluring" duck makes its appearance on the plains of Troy. Cheiron (Hanbury Hampden-Turner), King of the Centaurs, is not impressed. Well, his front half isn't, anyway.

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