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The Siege of Troy Photos
3 – Some other things

Here are some photos I took of the game in progress.

Group of characters talking
Nestor (Mark Doney), King of Pylos, ponders as Odysseus (Paul Snow), King of Ithaca, discusses things with Clytemnestra (Lucya Szachnowski), High Priestess of Hera and Agamemnon's wife.

Listening to a prophecy
Listening to a prophecy (l-r): Helenus (Mike Grace), High Priest of Hades, just behind Tantalus (Chris Green), King of Sipylos; somebody lurking at the back; Paris (David Lictenstein), randy Prince of Troy, peering over the shoulder of his brother, Hector (Chris Boote), sensible Prince of Troy; further back is Nestor (Mark Doney), King of Pylos, while Priam (Dixon Jones), King of Troy, rushes past; Cheiron (Hanbury Hampden-Turner), King of the Centaurs, bows his head; while Aeetes (Francesco Iori), King of Colchis, is amused.

A cloth over a pile of chairs and a hobby horse with characters around it
Daedalus (Andrew Smith) unveils the ultimate weapon: the great wooden horse! Looking on are (l-r): (the back of) Midas (Steve Hatherley), King of Phrygia; Minos (Ryan Mint), King of Crete; behind him, Aegeus (Jonathan Cloutman), King of Athens (I think); and Cheiron (Hanbury Hampden-Turner), King of the Centaurs.

Audience for the unveiling of the wooden horse
The audience at the unveiling, looking strangely unimpressed (l-r): Neoptolemus (Adrian Smith), a Greek warrior; Hecuba (Clare NcNall), Queen of Troy; (behind her) Odysseus (Paul Snow); Nestor (Mark Doney), King of Pylos; the head of Theseus (Graham Arnold); Priam (Dixon Jones), King of Troy; and Hippolyte (Dream Batty), exiled Queen of the Amazons.

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