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The Siege of Troy Photos
1 – Some Heroes

Here are some photos I took of the game in progress.

Photo of Herakles with lion's head headdress
The great Herakles/Hercules (Jerry Elsmore) wearing a trophy from one of his labours

Agamemnon (Karim Kronfli) in uniform
Agamemnon (Karim Kronfli), King of Mycenae and supreme commander of the Greeks (but for how long?)

Characters lined up
Lining up for the foot race (l-r): Hector (Chris Boote), Prince of Troy; a couple of bystanders in the background; Jason (Chad Brinkley), King of Corinth; Theseus (Graham Arnold), hero and Prince of Anthaea; Atalanta (Liz Jones), Queen of Arcadia; Paris (David Lictenstein), Prince of Troy; Herakles (Jerry Elsmore), hero and demi-god; Princes of Sparta Castor (Simon Knight) and Pollux (Tony Leadbetter), but not necessarily in that order; (I think) Andromache (Julie Winnard), High Priestess of Aphrodite, looks on.

Photo of heroes duelling – by playing scissors-paper-stone
Atalanta (Liz Jones) takes down Castor (Simon Knight) – or is it Pollux (Tony Leadbetter)? I can't tell them apart – in the final showdown between the heroes. GM Nathan Richards adjudicates. In the background a row of Gods look on: Hades (David Shannon – at the very back), Hera (Sue Lee), Apollo (Donald Oddy) and Ares (Steve Bassett). King Menelaus (Dave Townsend) of Sparta is on the right.

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