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Cover from Commands & Colors: Medieval - flags and soldiers from the Byzantine empireCommands & Colors: Medieval

The Commands & Colors games are relatively simple, two-player wargames. As you'd expect, the players have units (wooden blocks) to manoeuvre on the battlefield (the board, laid with tiles to show terrain). However, at the heart of the game are the players' hands of cards. These provide the players with tactical options while also constraining them you may have an attacking opportunity on the left flank, but without the right cards, it's wasted.

This may sound artificial, but it is a brilliant way of simulating the way commands go astray, commanders make mistakes and units head in the wrong direction (think Charge of the Light Brigade). Instead of being all-powerful beings with a God-like oversight of the battlefield, players are reduced to mere mortals, fumbling to get the right forces in the right place at the right time.

This game covers the early Medieval period, focusing on the Byzantine Empire and its fight against (mainly) the Sassanids of Persia. There are also some scenarios for the late Roman Empire, fighting off Attila and the Huns. The game provides military units, the rules to make the game work and scenarios for 19 different battles from AD 451 to 586.

For 2 players, aged 14+, playing time 1 hour/battle: 60.00 (50.00 tax-free outside the EU)

In stock

Commands & Colors: Medieval was designed by Richard Borg and published by GMT Games.

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