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Privacy and Security

First off, if you pay online, your payment is handled securely by the payment agency and Games from Pevans never sees your financial information. You can find out about all PayPal's security measures on their website.

The only information Games from Pevans needs from you is your name and address, so that I can send you the games you have ordered. If you are buying online, I need your e-mail address, too, as it connects your payment to your order. For deliveries by courier (including Yodel Direct), I need a mobile phone number and pass this (and your email address) to the courier to facilitate delivery. Apart from this, the information is only used for my internal administration and never provided to any other organisation (except as required by law).

I do ask if you would like to receive occasional (roughly monthly) news from Games from Pevans to your e-mail address. You will be able to cancel this at any time.

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