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Special Offers

This page lists the games I'm offering at reduced prices and I'm open to offers on some of them (as shown). Stock is limited, so first come, first served. Postage is charged at cost, which you can find by adding the game/s to your basket and selecting your country.

I also have a few odds and ends (one-offs and secondhand) available at special prices.

Thumbnail of AEG's Junta box cover

Junta (Eric Goldberg, Ben Grossman and Vincent Tsao)

A wonderfully cynical view of a banana republic as players compete to get the most cash stashed in their Swiss bank account. Assassinations abound and every now and then the Presidential palace will take a pounding as a coup starts: £30.00 £24.00.

Thumbnail of Lincoln cover

Lincoln (Martin Wallace)

A two-player game of the American Civil War that uses a development of the mechanisms of A Few Acres of Snow to great effect. Both sides have their opportunities and challenges, one of which is just managing their cards. These copies include the Kickstarter stretch goals: £32.00 £24.00.

Thumbnail of Nina and Pinta cover

Niña & Pinta (Ragnar Brothers)

Billed as "the first Quantum game", this has players exploring and developing three parallel versions of the New World – one for each of the ships in Columbus's expedition. And each player has their own version of the three ships! Plenty to think about and lots of decision making in another excellent game from the Ragnars: £33.00 £24.00 special offer (or make me an offer...).

Thumbnail of cover from Porto Carthago

Porto Carthago (Bernd Eisenstein)

The ancient port of Carthage – Rome's great rival – is the setting of this game. Players dock and load ships with the goods they buy from the market. Careful planning is required here as each ship goes to a specific dock and players have to place their 'servant' pawns to get control of a dock.

For 3-5 players, aged 12+, playing time 90 minutes: £10.00 (or make me an offer...).

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Thumbnail of cover from Rome: City of Marble

Rome: City of Marble (Brett Myers)

Players lay tiles to construct different types of building in neighbourhoods around three of Rome's seven hills. These boost various aspects of the city's culture and development and, of course, the players who contributed to their construction.

For 2-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 75 minutes: £10.00 (or make me an offer...).

Thumbnail of Scotland Yard box

Scotland Yard (various)

Yet another classic, this is the original hidden movement game. Master criminal Mister X dodges around London, avoiding the detectives who try to work out where he's got to. A terrific family game and still a challenge for gamers: £22.00 £18.00 (or make me an offer...).

Thumbnail of the cover from Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill

Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill (Max Michael)

This game from the Stratamax collective is professionally produced to a high standard. It is a simple game with brightly coloured wooden pieces: small sheep and tall shepherds for each player and a black, black wolf! It's an entertaining game that isn't as light as you might think: £30.00 £20.00 (or make me an offer...).

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Thumbnail of Skull Port cover

Skull Port (Ivan Ferencak and Hrvoje Kordic)

Entertaining dice-roling game with a piratical theme  and interesting tactical opportunities. Players use their dice to take command of ships or add influence at the ports, both of which can change hands as the game progresses. Good fun: £25.00 £10.00 to clear (or make me an offer...).

Thumbnail of Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition

Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition (Legend Dan Hoffman)

A deduction game that takes Werewolf as its starting point, but doesn't knock players out of the game. Players are inquisitors investigating werewolf attacks, but have themselves been infiltrated by the werewolves... clever stuff from the Legend: £16.00 £12.00 to clear (or make me an offer...).

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Prices shown include VAT at the appropriate rate, but not postage and packing.

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