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Reduced prices

The lists on this page show the games I'm offering at reduced prices. I'm open to offers on some of them (as shown). Stock is limited, so first come, first served. Postage is charged at cost, which you can find by adding the game/s to your basket and selecting your country.

I also have a few odds and ends (one-offs and secondhand) available at special prices. And you'll find the secondhand games that I'm selling personally on BoardGameGeek just follow the link.

Special Offers

This list is older stock that I've reduced the price on.

Thumbnail of Amul cover

Amul (Remo Conzadori and Stefano Negro)

This is a neat set-collecting card game themed around the markets of the eponymous medieval Persian city. The clever mechanisms make it a challenge to get the best out of your cards and I'm particularly taken with the way new cards appear as the player count goes up: 25.00 special offer 20.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Humboldt's Great Voyage

Humboldt's Great Voyage (Remo Conzadori and Nestore Mangone)

I had fun with this at Spiel '19. Players use a clever Mancala-style mechanism to voyage from port to port around the planet, collecting goods to fill their ship. With lots of bonus opportunities along the way: 26.00 special offer 15.00.

Thumbnail of Quartermaster General: The Cold War cover

Quartermaster General: The Cold War (Ian Brody)

The QMG series puts supply at the heart of warfare and this one pits NATO, the Warsaw Pact and the non-aligned nations against each other. The threat of nuclear war hangs over the three groups' manoeuvring: special offer 35.00.

Thumbnail of the cover from Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill

Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill (Max Michael)

This game from the Stratamax collective is professionally produced to a high standard. It is a simple game with brightly coloured wooden pieces: small sheep and tall shepherds for each player and a black, black wolf! It's an entertaining game that isn't as light as you might think: 30.00 20.00 (or make me an offer...).

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Special Purchases

This list is titles that I've been able to pick up more cheaply than usual and can therefore offer at a reduced price.

Thumbnail of Bonfire cover

Bonfire (Stefan Feld)

Another heavyweight game from Feld,this one is really tricky with a lot of options and decisions and a dose of luck. (I'll draw a veil over the odd fantasy theme.) 24.00. (RRP ~60)

Thumbnail of Guns & Steel cover

Guns & Steel (Jesse Li)

A clever take on civilization development, this card game provides an entertaining challenge to make the best of the cards' two functions. There are actually two versions of the game in the box three if you merge them: 10.00

Thumbnail of Stellar Conflict cover

Stellar Conflict (James Ernest and Tom Jolly)

The quick play of this game makes it brilliant fun as players make mistakes as they slap down their spaceship cards. Then it's a question of seeing who can shoot down what hopefully not your own ships! 5.00.

In stock

UNDO series (Michael Palm and Lukas Zach)

I really like this series of co-operative deduction games (there are eight in total). Players must decide how to alter past events so that they come to a 'better' conclusion. The debate and discussion around the table is great fun: 6.00. (RRP ~12)

Thumbnail of Western Empires cover

Western Empires (Flo de Haan, Gerart de Haan, John Rodriguez and Francis Tresham

Based on Tresham's original Civilization game, this development expands player's options and provides greater variety. It remains a rewarding challenge to start with a single piece and build a great empire: 60.00. (RRP 120)

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Prices shown include VAT at the appropriate rate, but not postage and packing.

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