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Cover of Sleeping Gods: a steamship against a background of mountainous islands an looming skies with a monster in the sea underneathSleeping Gods

I discovered this game last year (2023) and was blown away (possibly helped by unexpectedly succeeding in my first campaign). It's a co-operative story-telling game (hence my initial interest), powered by a paragraph book (think choose-your-own-adventure) and a vast number of cards.

The set-up is that the players are the crew of a 1920s tramp steamer suddenly thrown into another world. To return, they are told, they must wake the sleeping Gods in the hope that they can send them back to their own world. Thus, the players quest across this strange world (or pages of the atlas), encountering bizarre (and mundane) creatures, making deals, acquiring resources (mmm, food!) and discovering that all is not what it seems…

The game has a quite detailed combat system (not all the natives are friendly… okay, make that not many of the natives are friendly!) that's almost a game in itself. Like a role-playing game, it's designed to be played in 2-3 hour sessions as players work their way through a campaign. One neat touch is that the results (card/s) of one encounter can affect how another encounter plays out.

I also have the game's sort-of sequel, Distant Skies.

For 1-4 players, aged 13+, playing time 1-20 hours (to complete a whole campaign): £82.00 (£68.33 tax free outside the UK)

In stock

Sleeping Gods
was designed by Ryan Laukat and is published by Red Raven

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