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What's New?

The last of my advance orders from before Spiel has finally arrived: the new titles from Sierra Madre Games. I also have an interesting expansion for Café Melange and the latest little gcard ame from Oink Games in Japan.

My spring special is to offer a free game with every order. Okay, they're games that nobody's prepared to pay for, but I don't want to just throw them away. You'll have the chance to add a game to your order when you check out.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of Bios: Genesis (2nd ed) box art

Bios: Genesis (2nd ed) (Phil Eklund)

The first in the sequence of Bios games starts with the building blocks of life. It ends with the first creatures, ready to evolve into everything else. It is explicitly a "brutal" game as players create micro-organisms that try to survive and grow in a hostile environment: £30.00.

Thumbnail of Bios: Megafauna (2nd ed) box art

Bios: Megafauna (2nd ed) (Andrew Doull, Phil Eklund, Jon Mankar)

The second Bios game starts as life crawls/slithers/hops out of the sea and onto land. The environment is still hostile, though, and players' creatures must evolve, expand and adapt as the climate and geography change. Hugely challenging, great fun and educational, too: £54.00.

Thumbnail of Herr Ober, die Rechnung bitte! expansion

Café Melange: Herr Ober, die Rechnung bitte! (Stephan Riedel)

An interesting expansion for Café Melange that replaces the original order cards and makes the game harder – players only score for the personalities they place themselves: £7.50.

Thumbnail of John Company box art

John Company (Cole Wehrle)

An opportunity to rule 18th century India! The players compete for preferment within the British East India Company (aka John Company) while working to build up the company. Just try not to provoke the Indian Mutiny along the way. Compelling stuff: £36.00.

Thumbnail of Startups box art

Startups (Jun Sasaki)

Latest clever game from the Oink Games stable is this neat card game. The aim is to make the most from your investments in the selection of start-up companies. The question is who has the biggest shareholding, given players' hidden cards: £15.00.

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