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What's New?

A few new titles for September, headed by a new game from Friedemann Friese and a new edition of Britannia. Do I need a new one? Well, the inclusion of a two-player game is tempting... As well as what's listed below, I have added some "fancy bits" for High Rise and metal coins for Viticulture. And a late arrival is the latest in the Undo series.

Don't forget the special offers and I have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of Britannia cover

Britannia (Classic and Duel ed) (Lew Pulsipher)

A new edition of a great game with a few tweaks and PSC's usual excellent models. Plus the completely new two-player version of the game, which is played on a different board (with Britain divided into fewer, larger areas) and is significantly streamlined from the original: 72.00.

Thumbnail of the Finishing Time cover

Out of stock

Feierabend/Finishing Time (Friedemann Friese)

A bilingual publication for the latest from Friedemann. The aim here is to get the most out of your leisure time and getting more of it, too (even if it does mean calling a strike!). A typically clever and entertaining game with a handy one-player option: 36.00.

Thumbnail of Lignum 2.0 cover

Lignum 2.0 (Alexander Huemer)

I enjoyed the original edition of this clever game about the timber industry (all the way from chopping down trees to selling the finished lumber in various qualities). This version has added some extra options for players to think about and refreshed the graphics: 45.00.

Thumbnail of Nine Tiles Panic cover

Nine Tiles Panic (Jens Merkl and Jean-Claude Pellin)

Another entertaining, quick-playing little game (though a bit chunkier than usual) from the Oink stable. This one has the players arranging their nine tiles to lay out a town and maximise their score. The panic starts when the first player finishes and starts the timer: 17.00.

Thumbnail of The Ruhr cover

The Ruhr (Thomas Spitzer)

After the start of coal mining in the same designer's Haspelknecht, the industry takes off with the start of the Industrial Revolution. Key to this is using the river Ruhr (or Ohio) to transport your heavy, bulky product to its consumers. And make some money, of course: 40.00.

Thumbnail of cover to Undo - 600 seconds

Undo - 600 Seconds (Michael Palm and Lukas Zach)

Los Angeles, New Year's Eve: as the clock ticks down to midnight, so does the timer on a bomb. An ex-CIA operative, sweat running into his eyes, tries to work out which wire to cut... 9.50.

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