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What's New?

My first purchase from Germany since the UK left EU regulations went smoothly – until UPS decided they needed to hang on to a couple of cartons for a while. However, everything has now arrived. It's mostly re-stocks, but I have picked up a few new titles, notably the Big Box version of Hansa Teutonica and the fourth edition of Phil Eklund's brilliant High Frontier. And there's another addition to the Undo series.

Don't forget the special offers and I have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of Coffee Roaster cover

Coffee Roaster (Saashi)

A clever solitaire game of roasting coffee beans to get the perfect blend. The problem is assembling the right ingredients when they're drawn at random: £25.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Hansa Teutonica Big Box

Out of stock

Hansa Teutonica Big Box (Andreas Steding)

A new edition of Herr Steding's game of trading across the German States includes the original game and its expansions. The two major expansions provide alternative boards covering North-eastern Germany and Britain: £33.00.

Thumbnail of cover from High Frontier 4 All

Out of stock

High Frontier 4 All (Phil Eklund)

The fourth edition of this brilliant and realistic game of exploring (and exploiting) the solar system has simplified things with a base game and modules that add the complexity back in. This box also contains an introductory game and a family-friendly version, plus solitaire and co-operative options: £54.00.

Thumbnail of cover from High Frontier 4 All

Out of stock

High Frontier 4 All: module 1 (Terawatt and Futures) (Phil Eklund)

Module 1 adds in more powerful engines and freight-carrying spacecraft plus game-end goals: £13.00.

Thumbnail of cover from High Frontier 4 All module 2

Out of stock

High Frontier 4 All: module 2 (Colonization) (Phil Eklund)

Module 2 introduces space habitats ("Bernals") and colonists, allowing you to spread humanity across the solar system: £16.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Humboldt's Great Voyage

Humboldt's Great Voyage (Remo Conzadori and Nestore Mangone)

I had fun with this at Spiel '19. Players use a clever Mancala-style mechanism to voyage from port to port around the world, collecting goods for their ship. And taking advantage of bonus opportunities along the way: £30.00

Thumbnail of cover from Renature

Renature (Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer)

I love the tactile aspect of this game with its chunky wooden dominoes and plants (pleeples?). Given the designers, there's some clever game play as well: £30.00.

Thumbnail of the cover from Undo - Forbidden Knowledge

Undo - Forbidden Knowledge (Michael Palm and Lukas Zach)

What could be the problem with investigating an old tomb? Possibly when the voice echoing out of the crypt is not that of your companion who ventured down the steps... £9.50.

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