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What's New?

Hot off the Kickstarter 'press' are a couple of two-player games from Surprised Stare's Alan Paull (et al). Plus the cracking Snowdonia follow-up from Surprised Stare's Tony Boydell, Gil Hova's latest and the Undaunted games. Phew.

Don't forget the special offers and I have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of cover from Alubari

Alubari (Tony Boydell)

The Himalyan foothills are a great place for tea plantations. Now, how to get your tea to market? How about a railway line? A development of Snowdonia, this is another terrific game from Mr Boydell: £38.00.

Thumbnail of Habitats XL

Habitats XL (Corné van Moorsel)

This expansion adds some more animals to Habitats. But not any old animals: These need even more habitats in their vicinity to be worth points. Plus you have the option of setting up camps for overnight visitors: £5.50.

Thumbnail of cover from High Rise

High Rise (Gil Hova)

Time to re-develop the city with some exciting new skyscrapers. First you need blueprints, second the right materials and third the right permits. Greasing a few palms should do the trick – though corruption is punished... eventually: £56.00.

Thumbnail of cover from The March of Progress

The March of Progress (Alan Paull)

Warfare through the centuries is how this particular progress proceeds. Players use the same core cards to resolve battles from the Thirty Years War to WW2: £18.00.

Thumbnail of cover from The Ming Voyages

The Ming Voyages (David J Mortimer and Alan Paull)

The Emperor wants to complete the Chinese fleet's voyages of exploration, but keeps being distracted by these pesky barbarians making trouble on the borders. That'll be the other player, of course: £18.00.

Thumbnail of Red Alert Quartermaster's escalation pack

Red Alert: Quartermaster's Escalation Pack (Richard Borg)

A minor expansion for the space warfare game (effectively 'Commands & Colors' in space), this adds an extra formation for each side, new scenarios and additional marker chips: £5.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Undaunted: Normandy

Undaunted: Normandy (David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin)

The first Undaunted game is set in the battle for Normandy following D-Day. One player is in charge of a US rifle platoon, while the other commands German units in this clever, highly tactical game: £26.00.

Thumbnail ofcover from Undaunted: North Africa

Undaunted: North Africa (David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin)

The second Undaunted game moves the setting to earlier battles in North Africa. This time, it is the soldiers of the Long Range Desert Group raiding gainst the Royal Italian Army and introduces tanks to the infantry fights: £26.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Undo - Treasure Hunt

Undo – Treasure Hunt (Michael Palm and Lukas Zach)

The Yucatán jungle, 1952: clutching an idol, a woman leaps from a plane in flight that then explodes. But does her parachute work? £9.50.

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