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What's New?

A few more arrivals as summer nears an end – details below.

I've also set up my end-of-summer special: a free promotional item or mini-expansion with every order. (I have acquired quite a few of these in recent months, so it's definitely time I shared them out.) You'll have the chance to add a 'promo' to your order when you check out.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

This page is updated irregularly (as new games arrive – generally once a month) or sign up for the Games from Pevans newsletter.

Thumbnail of Billabong cover

Billabong (Eric Solomon)

New edition of a classic game that I had great fun with, back in the day. The aim is to be first to get your team of kangaroos to complete a circuit of the board and into the eponymous lake: £22.00.

Thumbnail of Carson City - the card game cover

Out of stock

Carson City – The Card Game (Xavier Georges)

The original game was about building a Wild West town and so is the card game. It plays quickly and players must make best use of their bidding cards to get the town cards they want. Neat stuff and a chance to talk like a cowboy: £17.00.

Thumbnail of Heaven & Ale cover

Out of stock

Heaven & Ale (Michael Kiesling and Andreas Schmidt)

This is a complex, tricky game of expanding your monastery and collecting the ingredients needed to brew beer. I find it seriously challenging, but really rewarding: £35.00. (German ed with English rules)

Thumbnail of Mahe cover

Mahé (Alex Randolph)

New edition of a classic, with a new theme – my copy of the original still gets the occasional outing. The trick is to roll under 8: easy with one die, less so with two and pretty difficult with three dice:£22.00.

Thumbnail of Riga: Lubeca expansion cover

Riga: Lubeca (Stefan Risthaus)

Expansion for Riga that adds the city of Lübeck and some additional commodities to trade. The extra cards also let a fifth player take part:£6.00.

Thumbnail of Spring Meadow cover

Spring Meadow (Uwe Rosenberg)

Rosenberg's third flora-themed puzzle game, this one is about hiking across an Alpine meadow as the spring flowers start to poke through the snow. Clever, pretty and not too demanding: £36.00.

Thumbnail of Troika cover

Troika (Jun Sasaki)

Another neat game from Oink in their usual neat package. It's a set collecting game where you need one sort of set just to keep going and a different sort of set to score points: £15.00.

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