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What's New?

My latest additions are new-to-me titles, including some classics and a selection of new Oink titles.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

This page is updated irregularly (as new games arrive – once a month or so) or sign up for the Games from Pevans newsletter.

Thumbnail of Gipsy King cover

Gipsy King (Corné van Moorsel)

A game of carfeully positioning caravans to get the best views. It may not sound like much, but it needs plenty of brainpower: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Magnificent Flying Machines cover

Magnificent Flying Machines (Matthew Comben and Richard Denning)

Yes, it's a race to pilot your rickety, early-20th century aeroplane to the finishing line. The weather is the least of your problems: you have competitors who are prepared to stoop to the lowest skulduggery to stop you. Better fight fire with fire... £40.00.

Thumbnail of Mr Face cover

Mr Face (Jun Sasaki)

Think of a competitive "Mr Potato Head". Only in this case it's a face constructed with cardboard shapes so that other players can guess the expression or emotion you're trying to portray: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Pillars of the Earth cover

Pillars of the Earth (Michael Rieneck and Stefan Sadler)

A classic worker placement game as players compete to contribute most to the construction of the Kingsbridge cathedral. They also have to deal with many of the incidents in the source novel: £35.00.

Thumbnail of Quartermaster General: 1914 cover

Quartermaster General: 1914 (Ian Brody)

The logistics-based wargame system applied to the First World War. Great models from PSC add to the appeal of this subtle struggle between two teams: £40.00.

Thumbnail of Sun, Sea and Sand cover

Sun, Sea and Sand (Corné van Moorsel)

Can you develop your resort to attract the most tourists? You can see what tourists are arriving when, so it's all in the planning: £18.00.

Thumbnail of Tricks and the Phantom box

Tricks and the Phantom (Takashi Saito)

A trick-taking card game where there's only one of each card. If you can guess another player's card, you score as well as the winner of the trick. Tricky: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Zogen box

Zogen (Christoph Cantzler and Anja Wrede)

Quick, quick, get rid of all your cards! Oh, except the ones that are worth keeping. It's hard to tell the difference though... £15.00.

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