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What's New?

I have a few new releases, but most of the titles launched at Spiel '18 are proving slow to become available. I'll be adding more as I can get hold of them. But don't miss this year's board game Advent Calendar.

I amd currently providing a free promotional item or mini-expansion with every order. You'll have the chance to add a 'promo' to your order when you check out.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

This page is updated irregularly (as new games arrive generally once a month) or sign up for the Games from Pevans newsletter.

Thumbnail of Greenland (3rd ed) cover

Greenland (3rd ed) (Phil Eklund)

New and revised edition (it now supports up to four players) of this brutal game of survival in inhospitable medieval Greenland. I find it a challenge every time I play: 25.00.

Thumbnail of Key Flow cover

Key Flow (Sebastian Bleasdale, Richard Breese, Ian Vincent)

Taking its inspiration from Keyflower, this is a demanding card game centred on "the great river Key Flow". Over four seasons, players compete to develop villages and farms and to trade goods along the river. It is a hefty game in its own right: 45.00.

Thumbnail of Keyflower: Developer

Keyflower: Developer (Sebastian Bleasdale, Richard Breese)

Simply a new summer tile for Keyflower that provides a new point scoring opportunity for upgrade icons on adjacent tiles: 2.00.

Thumbnail of Lincoln cover

Lincoln (Martin Wallace)

A two-player game of the American Civil War that uses a development of the mechanisms of A Few Acres of Snow to great effect. Both sides have their opportunities and challenges, one of which is just managing their cards: 33.00.

Thumbnail of Neanderthal (2nd ed) cover

Neanderthal (2nd ed) (Phil Eklund)

New, slightly revised edition of this clever game of human evolution. Surprisingly, the trick is not to "bang the rocks together", but to develop speech and a tribal culture. It's still tricky to accomplish, even when you know what you should be doing: 25.00.

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