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What's New?

It's been a quiet few months just stock coming and going. However, I do now have a few new items, notably a couple of titles that launched at this year's UK Games Expo.

There are still a few items left in my spring special: a free game with every order. Okay, they're games that nobody's prepared to pay for, but I don't want to just throw them away. You'll have the chance to add a game to your order when you check out.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of Darien Apocalypse box art

Darien Apocalypse (Ragnar Brothers)

The second 'Quantum' game from the Ragnars is again about colonising the New World. This time there are four versions of the Scottish colony in Darien, all of them menaced by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Played competitively or co-operatively, it's a tough challenge: 36.00.

Thumbnail of Firefly: Artful Dodger box

Firefly: Artful Dodger (expansion)

This is an extra spaceship (a modified series II Firefly) that adds a fifth player to Firefly: the Game (it was included as standard in the UK edition I now have the US edition in stock): 9.00.

Thumbnail of Memoir '44: Through Jungle and Desert pack

Memoir '44: Through Jungle and Desert (expansion) (Richard Borg)

This is the second 'Battles' pack of pre-printed scenarios, this time covering Burma and North Africa. there are six standard and two Overlord scenarios plus packs of Combat cards for jungle and desert battles: 22.00.

Thumbnail of North American Railways box

North American Railways (Peer Sylvester)

I played this clever card game of railways and company shares at the UK Games Expo and was very taken with it. Players take share cards, Company Directors take city cards that provide income for shareholders, but both involve some careful decision-making: 18.00.

Thumbnail of Port Royal: The Adventure Begins... box

Out of stock

Port Royal: The Adventure Begins (expansion) (Alexander Pfister)

This adds an overall campaign structure to Port Royal for competitive or co-operative play. The game is played to a scenario with players' actions advancing the 'plot': 10.00.

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