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What's New?

The latest deliveries include some more second editions, the latest from Friedemann Friese, Corné van Moorsel and Richard Breese and Obsession (plus expansions)

Don't forget my special offers, and a few odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

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Thumbnail of Black Friday 2nd ed cover

Out of stock

Black Friday (2nd ed) (Friedemann Friese)

The second edition of Friedemann's clever game of playing the stock market (it will crash, you know it will) has been revamped and streamlined: £36.00.

Thumbnail of Chatuchak cover

Chatuchak (Corné van Moorsel and Peter Joustra)

The latest from Cwali is this deceptively simple game with brightly-coloured pieces. Once you get past the surface, it's actually a challenging puzzle: £20.00.

Thumbnailof Discordia Magna cover

Discordia Magna (Bernd Eisenstein)

An expansion for Discordia with two elements. Players can start with asymmetric city boards. And the can add the 'Magna' outposts that provide more opportunities, but also attract Raids from the Germanic tribes: £24.00.

Thumbnail of Faiyum: Privileges cover

Faiyum: Privileges (Friedemann Friese)

This expansion adds an interesting twist with cards that provide one-off or permanent advantages. Shuffled into the deck, they are bought in the usual way, but not recycled: £12.00.

Thumbnail of Freaky Frogs from Outaspace cover

Out of stock

Freaky Frogs from Outaspace (Friedemann Friese)

A solitaire game of playing an old-time pinball machine – which has the crazy science fiction theme. The aim is to keep playing as long as possible. And possibly earn a multi-ball game: £13.00.

Thumbnail of FTW?! cover

Out of stock

FTW?! (Friedemann Friese)

A simple (?!) little card game. When somebody only has one card left in their hand, you score the value of your highest card. Less the value of all the others. Oops! £8.00.

Thumbnail of The Glade cover

The Glade (Richard Breese)

The delightful illustrations of forest flora and fauna suggest a straightforward tile-laying game. Oh boy. Your tiles have to make sets with their neighbours, which turns out to be quite tricky: £38.00.

Thumbnail of Last Bug Standing in the Circle of Doom cover

Last Bug Standing In The Circle Of Doom (Bez)

Yes, the bugs (or Bug-Eyed Monsters) stand in a circle to get killed off. However, you don't know which one is controlled by your opponent. Can you get them before they get you? £17.00.

Thumbnail of Obsession 2nd ed cover

Obsession (2nd ed) (Dan Hallagan)

One of my most-played games of the last couple of years, Obsession is just captivating. The aim is to improve your stately home (and estate) to give your family the highest standing in Victorian Derbyshire. While managing your staff and attracting prestigious house guests: £60.00.

Thumbnail of Obsession: Wessex cover

Obsession: Wessex (Dan Hallagan)

A simple expansion that adds an extra family to allow up to five to play – or just give players a wider choice. Plus some more guests: £20.00.

Thumbnail of Obsession: Upstairs, Downstairs cover

Obsession: Upstairs, Downstairs (Dan Hallagan)

A substantial expansion that adds more types of servant, along with tiles and cards that use/require them. There's also an extra family and some different ways to play: £35.00.

Thumbnail of cover to Obsession promo tiles

Obsession: promo tiles (Dan Hallagan)

Extra 'improvement' tiles that add new features to the game and an 'experimental' Event tile intended to give players a boost early on in the game: £10.00.

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