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What's New?

This year's Spiel may be almost upon us, but I'm still getting in things that have already been released. Talking of Spiel, I'm flying to Essen (well, flying to Düsseldorf and then taking the train to Essen, to be accurate) this year, so I won't be bringing any stock back with me. Expect new titles to come in through November and probably into early December.

Don't forget my clearance sale and I still have some odds and ends (including games with dings and dents) at special prices.

This page is updated irregularly (as new games arrive – once a month or so) or sign up for the Games from Pevans newsletter.

Thumbnail of Flotsam Fight cover

Flotsam Fight (Tomoyuki Maruta)

Another fun little party game from the Oink crew, this one has the players all at sea. Yes, they're floating in the ocean, surrounded by their treasures and trying to rescue as many of them as possible: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Holding On cover

Holding On (Michael Fox and Rory O'Connor)

I was blown away when I played the first scenario at Spiel '18. It's a clever, knife-edge co-operative game with a whole uncovering-a-story layer on top. Brilliant: £15.00 (special purchase).

Thumbnail of Pandoria Artifacts cover

Pandoria Artifacts (Jeffrey Allers and Bernd Eisenstein)

A substantial expansion for Pandoria that gives players extra options and choices (notably collecting artifacts for a new points-scoring opportunity): £15.00.

Thumbnail of Vilnius cover

Vilnius (Malte Meinecke)

After Stefan Risthaus's card games Riga and Tallinn, I was expecting this. But I wasn't expecting a different designer or a semi-co-operative game. Players must work together to thwart the Teutonic Knights massing outside the city's walls, while trying to gain the most Glory: £18.00.

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