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Cover of Imperial: statesmen discuss the division of Europe aganist a backdrop of warships, cannons and factoriesImperial

Yes, it's one of Mac Gerdts' clever roundel games. This time, there are several layers to make things trickier. The six imperial European nations carry out actions across the map of Europe by moving their pawn on the roundel. However, each country is controlled by the player who currently holds the biggest investment in it and this will change as players invest more.

Of course, the value of players' investments (in terms of winning the game) depends on how well each country is doing at conquering the rest of Europe! This makes for a really demanding game I still find it something of a struggle.

For 2-6 players, aged 13+, playing time 2-3 hours: 40.00 reduced to 32.00 as the box has a crease in the lid (26.67 tax free outside the UK)

In stock

was designed by Mac Gerdts and is published by PD Verlag

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