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Thumbnail of 221B Baker Street cover

221B Baker Street (Jay Moriarty)

The classic deduction game in which players explore London to find clues and solve a mystery for Sherlock Holmes. With 75 cases in the box, there's plenty of exercise for your little grey cells (as another literary detective would say): £18.00

Thumbnail of 1001 Karawane box art

1001 Karawane (Roman Mathar)

Players explore and trade around the desert, aiming to be the first to collect three artefacts. Interesting stuff: £15.00.

Thumbnail of the Agra cover

Agra (Michael Keller)

Definitely a monster (it weighs 3 Kgs!), this a fascinating business game set in India during the Mughal Empire. Players trade goods and develop industry to meet contracts and make the most money. It's deep and fascinating: £50.00

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Thumbnail of American Rails cover

Out of stock

American Rails (Tim Harrison)

A clever mix of stock market and railroad building – and it's not an 18xx game – makes this an intriguing game. Can you get the most out of a company before others jump on the bandwagon and buy up the shares? £25.00

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Thumbnail of Asgard cover

Asgard (Pierluca Zizzi)

Build temples and recruit warriors to support the God you've chosen. The aim is to ensure they're on the winning side at Ragnarok, the final battle. It doesn't sound easy, and it isn't. £38.00

Thumbnail of Athens cover

Athens (Minwoo Hyun and Sungwoo Hyun)

This is a highly decorated and intricate game of developing the Ancient Greek capital. And it gives players an awful lot to think about: £28.00.

Thumbnail of Bamboleo box

Bamboleo (Jacques Zeimet)

This is one of my favourite dexterity games as it's so simple and so much fun! Just remove one of the odd wooden shapes from the carefully balanced board... Oops! Great fun: £50.00.

Thumbnail of Beer & Pretzels cover

Beer & Pretzels (Ted Alspach)

A light-hearted dexterity game of chucking 'beermats' about! It's great, silly fun and there's a sly tactical element, too: £22.00.

Thumbnail of Billabong cover

Billabong (Eric Solomon)

New edition of a classic game that I had great fun with, back in the day. The aim is to be first to get your team of kangaroos to complete a circuit of the board and into the eponymous lake: £22.00.

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Thumbnail of Black Box+ cover

Black Box+ (Eric Solomon)

The classic two-player game of deduction. One player tries to work out the puzzle their opponent has set in the eponymous box. This edition includes the original Black Box and the even more taxing Black Box+. Brain-melting: £20.00

Thumbnail of the Blame Space cover

Blame Space (Richard Galland)

The spaceship's been sabotaged, the computer's on the blink and the Captain's dead, but it's not my fault! Quick-playing card game of making sure someone else carries the can. With the "Suicide Mission" mini-expansion: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Blossoms cover

Blossoms (Przemyslaw Fornal, Kajetan Kusina, Mateusz Pitulski and Kamil Rogowski)

This delightful card game captivated me when I met it at Spiel '18. It falls into the simple-yet-fiendish category, enhanced with lovely illustrations. I have found fresh supplies at a lower price: £7.50.

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Thumbnail of Bottle Imp cover

Out of stock

The Bottle Imp (Günter Cornett)

Great new edition of this cracking little card game inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's story. All you have to do is avoid holding the bottle (warning: contains imp) at the end of the hand. Simples: £13.00.

Thumbnail of Cafe Melange box

Café Melange (Stephan Riedel)

This is a game of logic set in Viennese café society in 1910. Players score points by seating personalities of the time in the eponymous café and placing their own people at the same tables. It's clever, subtle stuff: £24.00.

Thumbnail of Waiter, the Bill Please! expansion

Café Melange: Waiter, the Bill Please! (Stephan Riedel)

An interesting expansion for Café Melange that replaces the original order cards and makes the game harder – players only score for the personalities they place: £7.50.

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Thumbnail of Can't Stop cover

Can't Stop (Sid Sackson)

The most recent edition of this classic push-your-luck dice game is themed around mountain-climbing. It's a nice compact package with a terrific game inside: £22.00.

Thumbnail of Carpe Diem box cover

Out of stock

Carpe Diem (Stefan Feld)

Intricate game of city (district) building set in Ancient Rome. It's played over four rounds with players drafting new building tiles – and scoring points – each round. Bonus points at the end can make all the difference, though: £32.00.

Thumbnail of Carson City - the card game cover

Carson City – The Card Game (Xavier Georges)

The original game was about building a Wild West town and so is the card game. It plays quickly and players must make best use of their bidding cards to get the town cards they want. Neat stuff and a chance to talk like a cowboy: £17.00.

Thumbnail of Carthago box

Carthago: Merchants & Guilds (Ralph Bienert and Bernd Eisenstein)

Clever development of Porto Carthago, this has players as traders in ancient Carthage. As well as buying and selling, they aim to gain influence in the city's guilds. The winner will be whoever's done best across both: £28.00

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Thumbnail of More Cash'n More Guns cover

Ca$h'n Guns: More Ca$h'n More Guns (Ludovic Maublanc)

It does what it says on the lid: more guns and more cash for the hugely entertaining Ca$h'n Guns (second edition). It also adds some new special powers to increase the mayhem. £12.00.

Thumbnail of Casrtles of Mad King Ludwig box art

Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Ted Alspach)

Players are architects laying out their designs for the King. They score points for the ways their selected rooms, corridors and spaces connect (or not). A clever sort-of-auction mechanism decides who gets what pieces: £40.00.

Thumbnail of Civilization cover

Civilization (Francis Tresham)

New edition of the greatest game of all time. Start with a single piece on the edge of the board and build one of the world's great civilisations. Gibsons have refreshed the artwork, but not messed with the game, so I'm happy: £32.00.

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