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Cover of 6 nimmt! with the repeated ox-head motif6 nimmt!

It means "six takes!". That is, the sixth card played takes the five already there. Hence the US edition is called "Take 5!". After nearly 30 years in print, it's still as much fun as it was and surely qualifies as a classic.

All it consists of is 104 cards, numbered 1-104. And all you do in a turn is play one from your hand. Then it gets a bit more complicated. Your card will go onto the end of a row and, if it's the sixth, you get the five already there. Plus the penalty points (little 'ox-head' icons on them.

No matter how much you ponder over which card to play, it's going to go wrong probably sooner rather than later. Which is always entertaining!

For 2-10 players, aged 8+, playing time 45 minutes: 9.50 (7.92 tax free outside the UK)

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6 nimmt!
was designed by Wolfgang Kramer and is published by Amigo (and many others)

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