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Cover from the Mayfair edition of 6 nimmt! - a bull's head icon6 nimmt!

Yes, it's another classic: Wolfgang Kramer's brilliant little card game is back in a new edition from Mayfair Games.

How can I describe this game? Well, a typical play is choosing what you think is the right card from your hand. Then you see what everyone else has played and realise it's the worst card!

It's actually a very simple game as players choose cards which are then added to the rows on the table. The problem is that adding the sixth card to a row means you have to take the five already there as penalty points. All you need to do is avoid playing that sixth card... boy, it's tricky!

6 nimmt! is an excellent filler, whether you need to fill 5 minutes or an half an hour.

For 2-10 players, aged 8+, playing time 45 minutes: 9.00 (7.50 outside the EU)

In stock

6 nimmt! was designed by Wolfgang Kramer and this edition is published by Mayfair

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