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If you've got any other questions, e-mail them to Pevans.

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Where to find me

On this website, mainly. You can contact Pevans by e-mail to Games from Pevans or Skype me at pevans56.

You can also call on 020 7183 6256 (+44 20 7183 6256 from outside the UK) during office hours (UK time) or write to Games from Pevans, 180 Aylsham Drive, UXBRIDGE UB10 8UF, UK.

Note: Games from Pevans is not a shop, so please don't visit this address.

You can often find me (Pevans) at board games events. In particular, I'm at Swiggers games club in central London most Wednesday evenings (we're meeting online during the pandemic, but you can still find us via this web page). If there's a specific game you want to try, contact Games from Pevans in advance and I'll bring it along if I can.

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What is Games from Pevans?

Games from Pevans is Pevans's mail order service, selling board and card games to games enthusiasts. It is based in the UK (on the western outskirts of Greater London). I sell games from small, specialist publishers in the UK, across Europe and from around the world. They are not toys and are intended for adults, though most are suitable for older children.

Formally, Games from Pevans is a trading name of Margam Evans Limited: a company registered in England and Wales, number 05152842, Reg. office 180 Aylsham Drive, UXBRIDGE UB10 8UF.

Although most of my customers are in the UK, I am happy to sell to people anywhere in the world – though note that you are liable for any import duties or tax payable to your own authorities. Most of the time it will probably be easier (and cheaper!) for you to buy from a local supplier or shop.

You can see customers' reviews of Games from Pevans at Trustpilot.

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Why all the German games?

Board and card games are much more popular in Germany than the UK (or US). So there's a bigger market and lots of publishers. They produce some terrific games and many of these aren't published in English.

Most of the time, the language isn't a problem. The games use symbols, numbers and icons on cards and other components. So all that's needed in English are the rules to the game.

Games from Pevans provides a copy of the English rules with any game that doesn't already include these. All you have to do is play the game.

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Who is Pevans?

Pevans is me! All right, I am actually Paul Evans and I use Pevans as a pen name to distinguish myself from the all other Pauls (not to mention the other Paul Evanses) in the games world.

I have been involved in the games industry since the 1980s and first sold games by mail order in the early 1990s. I was co-founder of Games Games Games magazine, which I edited for twelve years. I review and write about board games (in my own 'zine, To Win Just Once, Spirit and the Gamers Alliance Report). I publish En Garde!, the swashbuckling game, and run a postal game of this (Les Petites Bętes Soyeuses) which has been going since 1986.

You can find out more about me on the main Pevans website.

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