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Thumbnail of La Stanza cover

La Stanza (Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade)

Clever heavyweight (and hefty) game set in the Renaissance with players recruiting historical figures and sponsoring art, exploration and politics: £50.00.

Thumbnail of Limes cover

Out of stock

Limes (Martyn F)

This is a two-player tile-laying game themed around the Roman forts known as Limes. Players place their square tiles in a grid and add watchmen to score points from the different terrain on the tiles. The question is who can make better use of the same tiles? It's a clever challenge: £13.00.

Thumbnail of Lincoln cover

Lincoln (Martin Wallace)

A two-player game of the American Civil War that uses a development of the mechanisms of A Few Acres of Snow to great effect. Both sides have their opportunities and challenges, one of which is just managing their cards: £32.00 £24.00 to clear.

Thumbnail of Loot Island cover

Loot Island (Aaron Haag)

An intriguing game from the designer of Yunnan. It's about hunting pirate treasure on a long-lost island. Players face some tricky decisions where they must weigh up the pros and cons: the treasure only comes with a curse: £20.00.

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Thumbnail of Lost Cities cover

Lost Cities (Reiner Knizia)

The most recent edition of my favourite two-player card game. It's simple, quick-playing and absolutely fiendish – classic Reiner Knizia. It's now looking even prettier: £15.00.

Thumbnail of Love Letter cover art

Out of stock

Love Letter (Seiji Kanai)

This is a brilliant little card game. It's simple and yet it's so devious. Draw a card, play a card and do what it says. The interaction between the cards and the players' bluff and counter-bluff make the game. It's an absolute cracker: £7.00.

Thumbnail of Madeira cover

Out of stock

Madeira (Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade)

This is a complex game where players must cope with the changing economy of the island: wheat farms to sugar plantations to wineries. And potentially do well out of meeting the occasional demands of the Crown. Good stuff: £38.00.

Thumbnail of Magnificent Flying Machines cover

Magnificent Flying Machines (Matthew Comben and Richard Denning)

Yes, it's a race to pilot your rickety, early-20th century aeroplane to the finishing line. The weather is the least of your problems: you have competitors who are prepared to stoop to the lowest skulduggery to stop you. Better fight fire with fire... £40.00.

Thumbnail of Mahe cover

Mahé (Alex Randolph)

New edition of a classic, with a new theme – my copy of the original still gets the occasional outing. The trick is to roll under 8: easy with one die, less so with two and pretty difficult with three dice:£22.00.

Thumbnail of Mamma Mia! cover

Out of stock

Mamma Mia! (Uwe Rosenberg)

A terrific card game of pizza making that's something of a classic. It's a typically clever Uwe Rosenberg design that provides much amusement as players get it wrong. It can be combined with its sequel, Sole Mio!, for a bigger game: £6.50.

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Thumbnail of Mamma Mia! Plus cover

Mamma Mia! Plus (Uwe Rosenberg)

Expanded version of the terrific pizza-making card game, Mamma Mia! The 'plus' includes an additional ingredient (prawns!), an extra player and cards from the original game's expansion, Sole Mio. And it all comes in a robust tin: £15.00.

Thumbnail of MegaCity: Oceania cover

MegaCity: Oceania (Jordan Draper and Michael Fox)

Gorgeous-looking game that's a terrific mixture of dexterity (stacking pieces on cardboard tiles that you then have to slide into position) and tactics (getting the right pieces and tiles). More clever stuff from the Hub guys: £35.00.

Thumbnail of Memoir '44 box

Memoir '44 (Richard Borg)

A simple(-ish) wargame of WW2 battles (from D-Day onwards) that's great fun to play. The neat models and high production standards mean it looks good as well as playing well: £40.00.

Thumbnail of Memoir '44 Eastern Front pack
Thumbnail of the Memoir '44 Mediterranean Theatre pack
Thumbnail of Memoir '44 Pacific Theatre pack

Memoir '44 Expansions (Richard Borg)

My Memoir '44 page shows the expansions I stock. These extend the base game to other theatres of war (troops, terrain and rules for North Africa, the Eastern Front and the Pacific), add new terrain and provide specialist military units. Each expansion also includes new scenarios for the game, giving players more opportunities to test their ability to command.

Latest: the cracking New Flight Plan adds aircraft (to any scenario) and provides new scenarios – plus the bonus pack of new scenarios.

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Thumbnail of Metallurgie cover

Out of stock

Metallurgie (Maik Hennebach)

The theme is alchemy: players start with cards representing iron and build up to gold. The aim is to complete patterns to score points. It needs care, planning and a little luck: £7.00.

Thumbnail of Hugo das Schlossgespenst box

Midnight Party/Hugo das Schlossgespenst (Wolfgang Kramer)

Enormous fun as players desperately try to escape the inexorable advance of Hugo the ghost. This new edition has a different title, but it's the same game inside: £20.00.

Thumbnail of Mini Rails cover

Mini Rails (Mark Gerrits)

It has the classic simple-yet-fiendish vibe as there's not much players do in a turn, but each is a painful decision. It only lasts an hour, but you'll probably want to play again: £28.00.

Thumnail of Mogul cover

Mogul (Michael Schacht)

Set in 1920s America, this is a stock market game of railroad companies, where players can use their holdings to expand the railroad network as well as manipulating the stock market. Definitely not an 18xx game, it's Michael Schacht's development of his original game from 2002. Special purchase: limited stock.

For 3-5 players, aged 13+, playing time 45 minutes: £23.00 (£19.17 net of tax outside the EU)

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Thumbnail of Mr Face cover

Mr Face (Jun Sasaki)

Think of a competitive "Mr Potato Head". Only in this case it's a face constructed with cardboard shapes so that other players can guess the expression or emotion you're trying to portray: £15.00.

Thumbnail of My Village cover

My Village (Inka and Markus Brand)

This development of the Brands' earlier Village gives each player their own village to develop. Actions are powered by an initial dice roll and getting multiple actions from the same dice is very useful, but tricky to arrange. As before, death is an integral part of the game and the aim is to tell the 'story' of your village. Good stuff: £22.00

Thumbnail of Mystery Rummy 1: Jack the Ripper box art

Out of stock

Mystery Rummy 1: Jack the Ripper (Mike Fitzgerald)

The first game in this series of Rummy-based card games throws us into late Victorian London and the depredations of the ripper. Sets of evidence cards implicate the different suspects, alibis may excuse them, but can you get the right man (or woman)? £12.00.

Thumbnail of the Mystery Rummy 2 box

Mystery Rummy 2: Murders in the Rue Morgue (Mike Fitzgerald)

Rummy-based card game based on Edgar Allan Poe's story. Players collect and meld sets of evidence cards, but also "feed the Orang-utan", providing bonus cards for the player who empties their hand first. Entertaining fun: £15.00

Thumbnail of Mystery Rummy 3 box

Mystery Rummy 3: Jekyll & Hyde (Mike Fitzgerald)

Rummy-based card game based on Robert Louis Stevenson's story. Players collect and meld sets of evidence cards, but must keep a careful eye on Jekyll/Hyde as only evidence against the current character score. Switching Jekyll and Hyde is a crucial element. Clever and entertaining: £15.00

Mystery Rummy 5: Escape from Alcatraz box art

Out of stock

Mystery Rummy 5: Escape from Alcatraz (Mike Fitzgerald and Andrew Korson)

The most recent game in this series of Rummy-based card games takes us to "the Rock", where we're stopping the prisoners' escape attempts. Sets of cards make up the escape plans, while others represent the prisoners and events and all score points: £15.00.

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