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Cover of Kingmaker: a mounted figure in full armour crowns himself triumphantlyKingmaker (2023 ed)

The setting is the Wars of the Roses and your aim is to emulate Warwick the Kingmaker and get your claimant on the throne, whether Lancastrian or Yorkist. Players manoeuvre the noble houses of England to support or undermine the different royal heirs through both political and military influence. It does a really good job of reproducing the machinations of the historical period.

The game was first published in 1974 and has been a favourite ever since. This 2023 edition has been thoroughly revised to remove the ambiguities of the original while providing additional options for play. As well as the original "Classic" game, there's a streamlined version for up to 5 players, an extended version of the Classic game (adding new cards and increasing the role of Parliament) and a solitaire game.

Note: this game is not in shrink-wrap, so there may be some scuffing on the box.

For 1-6 player, aged 12+, playing time 2-5 hours: 50.00 (41.67 tax free outside the UK)

In stock

was designed by Andrew McNeil and this edition is published by Gibsons

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