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The Love Letter cover - a Princess in a big frockLove Letter

I can't get over Love Letter. It is such a simple, devious, clever game and it's packed into just 16 cards. Brilliant!

The story is that the players are trying to smuggle a love letter to the Princess. The goal is to expose the other players and knock them out of the running. Get enough letters to the Princess and her hand is yours.

Playing the game is so simple: draw a card so you have two; play one and do what it says. Get it right and you knock out one of the other players. Get it wrong and you're a sitting duck for the next player. The highest card when the deck runs out or the last man standing wins the round. Win enough rounds to win the game.

It's the interaction between the cards, the bluff and the counter-bluff that make the game. As cards are played each round, players work out who's holding what and the game gets tenser. It's an absolute cracker!

For 2-4 players, aged 10+, playing time 20 minutes: 7.00 (5.83 outside the EU)

In stock

Love Letter was designed by Seiji Kanai and this edition is published by AEG

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