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Thumbnail of Coach Ride to Devil's Castle box

Out of stock

Coach Ride to Devil's Castle/Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg (Michael Palm and Lukas Zach)

A little card game that is deceptively simple, but fiendish. The players are secretly divided into two groups and have to use the mechanisms of the game to identify their team-mates and, between them, assemble the correct group of artefacts. Clever, clever, clever: £6.00.

Thumbnail of Dark Prophecy cover art

Coach Ride to Devil's Castle: Dark Prophecy (Dunkle Prophezeiung) (Michael Palm and Lukas Zach)

Extra cards to make that coach ride even more fraught. The coach's driver can play a part, there may be a traitor on the coach and new events challenge the players. It's just more paranoia all round: £7.00.

Thumbnail of A Column of Fire cover

A Column of Fire (Michael Reineck)

Latest in the series of game adaptations of Ken Follett's novels, this one is set in Elizabethan times. Players are trading around Europe, while trying to avoid falling foul of the period's religious conflicts: £33.00

Thumbnail of cover from Commands & Colors: Medieval

Commands & Colors: Medieval (Richard Borg)

The latest Commands & Colors wargame, this addresses the early medieval period – specifically the early years of the Byzantine Empire and its main enemies, the Sassanid Persians. The rules may be simple, but the game is very much a challenge and well produced to GMT's usual standards: £60.00.

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Thumbnail of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics box art

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics (Richard Borg)

The period fits well with the Commands & Colors style of simple wargame. The rules may be simple, but the game is very much a challenge and well produced. The game captures the feel of Napoleonic warfare while being accessible to casual players: £65.00.

Thumbnail of Spanish Army expansion box

Out of stock

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – Expansion 1, The Spanish Army (Richard Borg)

Lots of extra pieces and plenty of new scenarios covering battles both before and after British involvement in the Peninsula War. An excellent addition to this simple wargame of the Napoleonic Wars: £45.00.

Thumbnail of Russian Army expansion box

Out of stock

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – Expansion 2, The Russian Army (Richard Borg)

Extensive scenarios covering Russian involvement in the Napoleonic Wars. The main event is, of course, Napoleon's invasion of Russia, leading up to and including the battle of Borodino. However, there are also scenarios from 1806-07 as well as all the units for the Russian army: £40.00.

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Thumbnail of Austrian Army expansion box

Out of stock

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – Expansion 3, The Austrian Army (Richard Borg)

The Austrian Empire covered a huge swathe of Europe and its army included many nationalities. They are represented here, together with scenarios covering battles between Austria and France in 1805 and 1809. These culminate in three scenarios covering the Austrians' final defeat at the Battle of Wagram: £50.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Commands and Colors: Napoleonics - Prussian Army expansion

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – Expansion 4, The Prussian Army (Richard Borg)

Defeated by Napoleon in 1806, the Prussians re-built to be a major factor in his eventual defeat. This expansion covers the whole period with units and scenarios for the battles between France and Prussia – culminating in the battle of Waterloo, of course: £52.00.

Thumbnail of the Generals, Marshals, Tacticians expansion cover

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – Expansion 5: Generals, Marshals, Tacticians (Richard Borg)

This adds tactical detail to the Napoleonics game through a deck of Tactician cards. Played alongside the Command cards (and a new deck of these is included to link with the Tactician cards), these introduce different flavours to the battles, reflecting the Generals involved. As well as introducing new scenarios, the expansion details how to use the cards with all the previous ones: £48.00.

Thumbnail of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics - Epic expansion cover

Out of stock

Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – Expansion 6: Epic (Richard Borg)

Epic, indeed: this sixth expansion has new boards allowing you to play a team game on either a deeper or wider battlefield. You'll need the other expansions as well as the base game and plenty of time: £65.00

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Thumbnail of Cottage Garden cover

Cottage Garden (Uwe Rosenberg)

This game was creating quite a buzz at Spiel. Apparently it's a re-development of the designer's earlier two-player game, Patchwork. Players are trying to complete their own garden plots, drafting tiles from what's generally available. It's one of Herr Rosenberg's lighter games, but none the worse for that: £25.00.

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Thumbnail of The Cousins' War (2nd ed) cover

Out of print

The Cousins' War (2nd ed) (David Mortimer)

Will Lancaster or York rule England? This is a two-player game of the Wars of the Roses with a clever bluffing mechanism at its heart. You need to keep your wits about you for the 30 minutes it takes. the second edition is 's in a larger box with larger cards and includes the Events expansion: £16.00.

Thumbnail of the cover from The Crew

Out of stock

The Crew (Thomas Sing)

This co-operative trick-taking card game (no, really) has been going down well at Swiggers games club. It starts simply enough, but quickly becomes fiendish, given the limited communication allowed between players: £11.00.

Thumbnail of CVLizations cover

CVlizations (Jan Zalewski)

This is a quick-playing, card-based game of civilisation development, where the goal is to produce the 'happiest' culture. The endearing artwork is in the same style as CV, though there's no real connection. However, it's also good fun: £18.00 special offer £13.00.

Thumbnail of Da Yunhe cover

Da Yunhe (Björn Müller-Mätzig)

Rebuilding the Grand Canal of China is the aim of the game, with plenty of opportunity to mess with other players' plans. Drafting action cards from a single set makes this hard to do and provides another intriguing game: £25.00 special offer £19.00 (official English rules included).

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Thumbnail of Dark Minions cover

Dark Minions (Al Newman)

A game that gives players a chance to be the bad guys. Their job is to sack cities and to do a better job than any other Overlord. To win, they need to beef up their horde, both in terms of quality and quantity (some necromancy required), and become the most effective pillager: £15.00 (special purchase).

Thumbnail of Dawn of Mankind cover

Dawn of Mankind (Marco Pranzo)

Another find at Spiel '19, this is a cracking game of developing your tribe of 'cavemen'. Through the game individual meeples are born, live and die. Along the way they hunt, gather and create art so that you score points. Great stuff: £35.00.

Thumbnail of cover from Deep Sea Adventure

Deep Sea Adventure (Goro and Jun Sasaki)

A very entertaining push-your-luck game. Players are divers trying to pick up treasures and get back to the submarine before their air runs out. Great fun: £14.00

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Thumbnail of Desperados box

Desperados (Florian Racky)

This is an intriguing co-operative game set in the Wild West. One player is the Marshal, trying to thwart the others, a team of desperadoes trying to get money any way they can. It's all bluff and counter-bluff as they try to out-guess each other's moves: £27.00.

Thumbnail of Dokmus cover

Dokmus (Mikko Punakallio)

Challenging tactical game of establishing influence over the ever-changing eponymous island. Yes, the tiles that make up the playing area move and rotate as players try to get the most advantageous position. Tricky stuff: £28.00

Thumbnail of Domus Domini cover

Domus Domini (Heinz-Georg Thiemann)

Whose monastery can provide the most food to the Abbey? Except that it's the monastery that provides the least food that gets the most money to develop further. But which bit of the monastery to develop? My vote's on the brewery! £37.00 special offer £28.00.

Thumbnail of Donkey Derby cover

Donkey Derby (Walter Müller)

Neat little race game with players trying to pick the winning donkey. The earlier they do this, the better they score, but the less certain the outcome. It's simple, clever fun: £22.00

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