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En Garde! cover - a musketeer raises his sword with a glass of wine in his other hand and a woman on his armEn Garde!

Join the three Musketeers, Errol Flynn, Cyrano de Bergerac and, of course, d'Artagnan in a swashbuckling adventure. En Garde! is a role-playing game set in a fictional 17th century Paris.

This new edition a 100-page, A4 book has been re-organised but follows the rules published in the original booklet (in 1975).

The rulebook is also available as a PDF from the En Garde! website.

Sharpen your sword. Sharpen your wit.
Take care not to insult a small man with a large nose.
Good luck, my friend and may your Swash never Buckle!

For a group of players: 12.00

In stock

En Garde! was written by Darryl Hany and Frank Chadwick and this edition is published by Margam Evans.
Find out more on the En Garde! website.

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