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Odds and ends

This is my page for damaged (with dings and dents), one-off or secondhand games.

You'll find the secondhand games that I'm selling personally on BoardGameGeek – just follow the link.

Thumbnail of Meltdown 2020 cover

Meltdown 2020 (Corné van Moorsel)

An intriguing game with the odd theme of nuclear disaster (but only 2 ages of rules!). Players are trying to rescue their people (meeples) distributed across the game's hexagonal spaces before these succumb to radiation poisoning from malfunctioning reactors. They have three vehicles of limited range and capacity, so careful planning is needed, but the reactors are unpredictable!

For 1-5 players, aged 8+, 40 minutes playing time. I have one secondhand copy in excellent condition (there's a little wear on the box corners): £1.00.

Thumbnail of Target Earth cover

Target Earth (Jacobo Cagigal)

The aliens are coming! The players represent nations on planet Earth fighting back against an invasion from outer space. The game can be played on a co-operative basis, with the players working as a team. Or they can score points according to their own hidden agenda, allowing them to win on their own – assuming the aliens are defeated, of course.

For 1-4 players, aged 12+, 90-120 minutes playing time. I have one copy that's still in shrink-wrap: £5.00.

Thumbnail of Western Empires cover

Western Empires (Flo de Haan, Gerart de Haan, John Rodriguez and Francis Tresham

Based on Tresham's original Civilization game, this development expands player's options and provides greater variety. It remains a rewarding challenge to start with a single piece and build a great empire.

I have one copy with a 2 cm tear in one short edge of the box lid, still in shrink-wrap, at 20% off: £48.00.

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