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Eggertspiele logo - a winking fox's headEggertspiele

Based in Hamburg, Eggertspiele is a collaboration between Peter Eggert and Philipp El Alaoui. It started as the imprint for Peter Eggert's own games designs – such as the interesting race game, Tacara. After a couple of years, Eggertspiele started publishing other designers as well. Neuland was well received in 2005 and then there was Antike, the first printing of which sold out quickly. More recently we've had Yedo (2012), Glück Auf (2013), Mombasa and Great Western Trail (2016) and more. Eggertspiele's games are distributed by Pegasus Spiele in Europe and many are co-published with Stronghold Games in the US. Find out more at the Eggertspiele website.

The table below lists the Eggertspiele games available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

Thumbnail of cover from Coal Baron: The Great Card Game

Coal Baron: The Great Card Game (Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling)

Clever adaptation of the cracking board game that offers much the same challenges in mining and selling coal – and in doing a better job than your opponents. Special purchase: £12.00 (Note: this is the bilingual English/German edition with the box cover in German.)

Thumbnail of cover from Great Western Trail

Out of stock

Great Western Trail (Alexander Pfister)

Complex, entertaining game of riding the trail to get your cattle to Kansas City and ship them off by rail. There are buildings to construct, railroads to improve, cattle to herd and a lot of decisions to make. Great fun: £33.00

Thumbnail of Heads of State boxart

Heads of State (Peter Hawes)

Players draft cards to make sets that will let them establish their nobles in the major countries of western Europe. Heads of State provides players with a competitive challenge over three centuries: £30.00 Clearance price £15.00 (or make me an offer...).

Thumbnail of Heaven & Ale cover

Heaven & Ale (Michael Kiesling and Andreas Schmidt)

This is a complex, tricky game of expanding your monastery and collecting the ingredients needed to brew beer. I find it seriously challenging, but really rewarding: £30.00. (German ed with English rules)

Thumbnail of Imperial box art

Imperial (Walther “Mac” Gerdts)

Eggertspiele’s 2006 strategy game has the players as 'shareholders' in the major powers of Europe in the early 20th century. The value of their shares rises and falls with the success of the nation – controlled by the biggest shareholder. Excellent stuff: £45.00.

Thumbnail of Jorvik cover

Jorvik (Stefan Feld)

Challenging game set in Danish-ruled north-east England a thousand years ago. Players are jarls in competition to build up their prestige, but they must also co-operate against raiders. It's an intriguing development of Feld's earlier Die Speicherstadt. £27.00 (special offer).

Thumbnail of Mombasa cover

Mombasa (Alexander Pfister)

Complex but rewarding game of nineteenth century chartered companies opening up (= exploiting) the African continent in competition with each other. The players are shareholders, so they're actually competing for the most valuable portfolio: £33.00.

Thumbnail of My Village cover

My Village (Inka and Markus Brand)

This development of the Brands' earlier Village gives each player their own village to develop. Actions are powered by an initial dice roll and getting multiple actions from the same dice is very useful, but tricky to arrange. As before, death is an integral part of the game and the aim is to tell the 'story' of your village. Good stuff: £22.00

Thumbnail of Porta Nigra box art

Porta Nigra (Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer)

Latest from this great design duo: a game of city building in Roman times, centred around the "Black Gate". Stacking the building pieces makes it look like a city, too: £35.00 £1.00 to clear (or make me an offer...).

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