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Game of Blame box: two courtiers argue across a fed-up QueenGame of Blame

Yes, the aim of this neat little card game is to make sure someone else carries the can!

It's set in a mediæval court, so players have roles like Viceroy, Treasurer or Wizard. Each role is associated with a seal of a particular colour and emblem, which are also to be found on the 'Issue' cards ("The Peasants are Revolting!" for example). Players add (or bury!) cards to the Blame (discard) pile, allowing them to draw more cards, swap roles or accuse another player.

The trick is to avoid having the most seals in the Blame pile or you have to take the blame! This is a neat, tactical game, that provokes a lot of laughter as players desperately try to shift roles and avoid responsibility.

These copies come with an additional, bonus set of alternative role cards.

For 2-4 players, aged 9+, playing time 30 minutes: £6.00 special offer (£5.00 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

Game of Blame was designed by Richard Wolfrik Galland and is published by Warm Acre

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