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Cover of Quartermaster General: The Cold War - Brezhnev, Mao and Reagan over an array of nuclear missilesQuartermaster General: The Cold War

The premise of the Quartermaster General series is that supply is the most important thing in warfare (I believe Napoleon had something to say about this). The other common element is that players must manage their deck of cards: play them too quickly and you're in trouble; play them too slowly and you're in trouble.

The name tells you the theme and the game is designed for three players: NATO, Warsaw Pact and the non-aligned nations (China, India and others) additional players team up, playing separate decks of cards. The factions score points for controlling the areas of the map and can win outright, but there is a neat mechanism that balances the game.

It's clever, entertaining fun. Until someone unleashes their nukes there's a hefty penalty for escalating things to this stage, but players do have options to mitigate this.

For 3-6 players, aged 14+, playing time 90-120 minutes: 45.00 (37.50 without tax outside the EU)

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Quartermaster General: The Cold War
was designed by Ian Brody and is published by Griggling

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