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The cover of Switching Tracks: a locomotive on a turntableSwitching Tracks

This is a clever railway game played across a map of the United States where a network of railway tracks connects the major cities. Players race to be the first to complete enough contracts by collecting goods neat wooden pieces in different shapes and colours and delivering them to the right cities.

The clever bit is that players can switch the layout of the railway lines where they cross. This means the network changes every time one of the players moves their train. It's not simply a question of finding the best route for your train, it's about making that route.

On top of this, players can improve their train to take more goods, move faster or switch more tracks. Winning the game means getting the right balance between improvements and deliveries. I thoroughly enjoy it.

For 2-5 players, aged 10+, playing time 60 minutes: 32.00 (26.67 outside the EU)

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Switching Tracks was designed by Kris Gould and is published by Wattsalpoag

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