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Take it Easy! Daffodil edition box cover (it's bright yellow!)Take It Easy! (Daffodil edition)

Take It Easy! was a hit from its first appearance. Each player starts with their own board and a set of hexagonal tiles, each crossed by three lines of specific colours. One player acts as caller, picking hexagonal tiles at random. Each player has a hexagonal board onto which they play their copy of the tile. The aim is to get lines of the same colour running across the board to score points. Highest total score wins. It's fiendishly clever.

The new edition has double-sided boards. One side is the standard game, played in the usual way. The second is laid out as three groups of hexagons – not unlike a daffodil flower. This has slightly more spaces than the standard board and a few extra tiles with a ‘wild’ stripe that can match any of the standard ones. I’m impressed with this new twist that makes the game even more devilish.

For 1-6 players, aged 8+ playing time 20 minutes: £18.00 (£15.00 tax-free outside the EU)

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Take It Easy! (Daffodil edition)
was designed by Peter Burley and is published by Burley Games
Take it Easy! won the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year in Germany) in 1994 and was "Family Game of the Year" 1997 in Games Magazine

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