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Cover of Vilnius: the Grand Duke surveys the forces of the Teutonic Knights from the city wallVilnius

I was expecting a card game from Ostia entitled "Vilnius" after all, Stefan Risthaus has already given us Riga and Tallinn. However, this is not what I expected: it's designed by someone else and it's nominally a co-operative game, rather than the clever competitiveness of the earlier titles.

The setting is the eponymous capital of Lithuania in 1365 (it was then a Grand Duchy), when it was under attack by the Teutonic Knights. The players work together to defend the city walls against the Knights' attacks though they can also counter-attack the Knights' encampment. Players must also develop the city to provide the resources to fight off the Knights, so there are some crucial decisions to be made. If the Knights do enough damage to the city, Vilnius is razed and the players lose.

However, the game isn't completely co-operative, since players will earn 'Glory' through the game and the most glorious player at the end "can enjoy the gratitude of Grand Duke Algirdas!"

For 2-3 players, aged 12+, playing time 60-90 minutes: 18.00 (15.00 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

was designed by Malte Meinecke and is published by Ostia Spiele

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