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Wits & Wagers deluxe edition: display of box and componentsWits & Wagers (deluxe edition)

The publishers bill Wits & Wagers as “the trivia game for people who don’t know stuff.” It's certainly my favourite trivia game. The game starts with normal trivia questions, but all the answers are numbers. Players make their answers (“guesses”) public. Then everybody bets on which is the best answer. It’s getting the bets right that counts, as it's having the most money that wins the game, not being a clever clogs. And all the players are involved all the time.

The deluxe edition has improved components (casino-quality chips, dry-erase pens with erasers and a crease-free mat). A 1-2-3 explanation on the back of the box shows how simple the game is to play – that hasn't changed.

For 4+ players, aged 10+, 30 minutes to play: £34.00 (£28.33 outside the EU)

In stock

Wits & Wagers
was designed by Dominic Crapuchettes and published by North Star Games

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