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Cover from In the Year of the Dragon: a montage of characters and Chinese buildingsIn the Year of the Dragon

Back in 2007, two games heralded the arrival of a significant new game designer, Stefan Feld. In the Year of the Dragon is one of this pair (the other is Notre Dame). Ten years later we have an anniversary edition of what has become a classic game.

The game is carefully structured to be played over 12 rounds, making up the year of the title. Players have taxes to raise, palaces to build and expand, rice to harvest, fireworks to collect and more all neatly tied in to the game's Imperial Chinese setting. When they do any of this, they get bonuses if they have the appropriate people in their palaces. hence, another important action is recruiting new people which also influences turn order.

At the end of each round, there's an event (good or bad). However, these are visible from the start of the game, so players know exactly what's coming when and can plan for it in fact, this is a key aspect of the game. The several mechanisms of the game interlock so that everything influences everything else. And it's possible to plan for everything except what the other players do.

This version includes the previously-issued expansions for the original edition.

For 2-5 players, aged 12+, playing time 75-100 minutes: 32.00 (26.67 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

In the Year of the Dragon
was designed by Stefan Feld and is published by alea

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