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Abacus is one of the medium-sized games publishers in Germany and has a long history of producing excellent games (Alan Moon's seminal Airlines, for example) under main man Joe Nikisch. Their current games include ranges of card games, board games and some that are in-between. Games from Pevans carries my favourite Abacus titles. Find out more at the Abacusspiele website.

The table below lists the Abacus games available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

Thumbnail of Hansa cover art

Hansa (Michael Schacht)

A clever tactical game of trading around the Baltic Sea in the days of the medieval Hanseatic League. One of my favourite Michael Schacht games: 18.00.

Thumbnail of Lies cover

Out of stock

Limes (Martyn F)

This is a two-player tile-laying game themed around the Roman forts known as Limes. Players place their square tiles in a grid and add watchmen to score points from the different terrain on the tiles. The question is who can make better use of the same tiles? It's a clever challenge: 12.00.

Thumbnail of Mamma Mia! cover

Mamma Mia! (Uwe Rosenberg)

A terrific card game of pizza making that's something of a classic. It's a typically clever Uwe Rosenberg design that provides much amusement when players get it wrong. It can be combined with its sequel, Sole Mio!, for a bigger game: 6.50.

Thumbnail of Mamma Mia! Plus cover

Mamma Mia! Plus (Uwe Rosenberg)

Expanded version of the terrific pizza-making card game, Mamma Mia! The 'plus' includes an additional ingredient (prawns!), an extra player and cards from the original game's expansion, Sole Mio. And it all comes in a robust tin: 15.00.

Thumbnail of NMBR 9 cover

NMBR 9 (Peter Wichmann)

Having seen this game at the Gathering, I got a closer look at the UK Games Expo and was taken with its cleverness. The idea is to stack up the number tiles: the higher they go, the more they're worth. However, the placement restrictions make this tricky and everybody else is playing the same numbers in the same sequence. Simple and ingenious: 17.50 (German ed with English rules)

Thumbnail of Sole Mio! cover

Out of stock

Sole Mio! (Uwe Rosenberg)

A sequel to Mamma Mia! (above), players are again assembling pizzas with a variety of toppings. It can be played on its own or combined with Mamma Mia! for a bigger game. 7.00.

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