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Based in Köln (or Cologne), Argentum Verlag is now more than ten years old. Its first crop of games were published in 2004 and were well received. As the company's website puts it, "Argentum offers games to wrack your brain and test your nerves ... We aim to make our games both accessible and fun." You can find out more at the Argentum website.

The table below lists the Argentum games available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

Thumbnail of 1001 Karawane box art

1001 Karawane (Roman Mathar)

Players explore and trade around the desert, aiming to be the first to collect three artefacts. Interesting stuff: £15.00

Thumbnail of Coney Island box

Coney Island (Michael Schacht)

A clever game of constructing the eponymous funfair. There are multiple layers from which players must balance income and points. It's full of balances and trade-offs: £27.00.

Thumbnail of Desperados box

Desperados (Florian Racky)

This is an intriguing co-operative game set in the Wild West. One player is the Marshal, trying to thwart the others, a team of desperadoes trying to get money any way they can. It's all bluff and counter-bluff as they try to out-guess each other's moves: £27.00.

Thumbnail of El Gaucho box

El Gaucho (Arve Fühler)

Entertaining game of herding cattle (well, collecting tiles) on the Argentinian pampas. Players have to make the best use of each round's dice rolls and the special actions available. I really enjoy it: £19.00. (Note: German edition with English rules – there are no language-dependent components.)

Thumbnail of First Train to Nuremberg box

First Train to Nuremberg (Martin Wallace)

This is a rather different railway game as players hire trains rather than buy them, ship goods and people and hope to sell out before their railway starts losing money. It's a development of Martin Wallace's Last Train to Wensleydale, which is also included in the box: £28.00.

Thumbnail of Garden Gnomes Society cover art

Out of stock

Garden Gnomes Society (Gartenzwerge e.V) (Roman Mathar)

This is your chance to breed garden gnomes and be first to get that elusive gold cap gnome! The theme is bonkers, the game is clever and it's all good fun: £7.00.

Thumbnail of Hansa Teutonica box art

Out of stock

Hansa Teutonica (Andreas Steding)

Set around the cities of the Hanseatic League, this is a game of establishing trade routes and setting up trading posts. It's another challenging, tactical game from Andreas Steding: £28.00 (French ed).

Thumbnail of Hansa Teutonica East board

Out of stock

Hansa Teutonica: East Expansion (Andreas Steding)

This expansion for Hansa Teutonica moves the action to Northeastern Germany and the areas around (and across) the Baltic Sea: £9.50.

Thumbnail of Hansa Teutonica: Britannia board

Out of stock

Hansa Teutonica: Britannia (Andreas Steding)

This expansion for Hansa Teutonica provides another alternative board, a map of Britain rather than Germany: £9.50.

Thumbnail of Metallurgie cover

Metallurgie (Maik Hennebach)

The theme is alchemy: players start with cards representing iron and build up to gold. The aim is to complete patterns to score points. It needs care, planning and a little luck: £7.00.

Thumbnail of Wind River box art

Wind River (Roman Mathar)

A game of native Americans, buffalo and the Great Plains. Players try to keep their tribe with the migrating buffalo – which they all have a hand in moving. A good-looking, clever game: £25.00

Thumbnail of Yunnan cover

Out of stock

Yunnan (Aaron Haag)

Players are trading tea from the eponymous province through the whole of China along the Tea-Horse Road. The key is choosing the right moment to switch from generating cash (for further development) to scoring points. Another clever game (in German with English rules): £28.00.

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