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Box cover from Yunnan - a mule train on the mountainous Tea-Horse RoadYou may have heard of the Silk Road, but what about the Tea Road? The province of Yunnan and the town of Pu'er produces the best tea in China. From here traders take it along the Tea-Horse Road to the other provinces of China and beyond. Your mission is to be the best at doing just that.

Each turn, players bid to improve their trading empire: more traders, better horses, extra border passes. Then they move their traders along the Tea-Horse Road (perhaps using any convenient short-cuts they've built) to generate some income.

Income can be taken as cash or as victory points. You need money to develop and expand further, but you need points to win. The key decision in the game is thus when to switch from earning money to collecting points. It's a tricky one!

The English language edition of Yunnan has sold out. However, as none of the components has any text, I have picked up some copies of the German edition and added the English rules.

For 2-5 players, aged 12+, playing time 90 minutes: 28.00 (23.33 tax free outside the EU)
German ed with English rules


In stock

was designed by Aaron Haag and is published by Argentum.

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