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Treefrog Games logo: a bright green treefrog clambers around the capital TTreefrog Games

Treefrog is the imprint for designer Martin Wallace. It was originally called Warfrog, but is a bit more friendly nowadays. The first game, Lords of Creation, was a great start.

Over the years, Martin's designs have grown more sophisticated and the production much better, culminating in what I consider to be two masterworks, Age of Steam (now re-worked as Steam) and Struggle of Empires, and the excellent Brass.

As Treefrog since 2010, they have given us clever wargames (such as A Few Acres of Snow), "Discworld" titles (Ankh-Morpork, The Witches) and more. I am a big fan of Martin's games (even the much-maligned Stockers!), regardless of publisher.

The table below lists the Treefrog/Warfrog games available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

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Last Train to Wensleydale with First Train to Nuremberg (Martin Wallace)

A revised version of Martin's ingenious train game is included with this re-development of the game for German publisher Argentum. Players hire trains rather than buy them, ship goods and people and hope to sell out before their railway starts losing money: 27.00.

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