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Cover art from the third edition of Greenland: an Inuit gazes out, his breath frostingGreenland (3rd edition)

This is another well-researched, very clever game from Phil Ekund. The theme here is survival. Surviving in the hostile environment of medieval Greenland so called by the Vikings, I understand, to disguise just what an inhospitable place it was.

The players represent different tribes competing for the scarce resources available to feed their people, maintain their livestock and shelter from the harsh weather. The victory conditions for each player depend on the choices they make during the game, which is an interesting mechanism on its own. The third edition allows a fourth player (the Sea Sami) with additional components to support this.

The optional board helps to organise the game with spaces for the card rows and some printed player aids.

For 1-4 players, aged 12+, playing time 1-2 hours: 32.00 (26.67 outside the EU)

Out of stock

was designed by Phil Eklund and is published by Sierra Madre Games

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Board for Greenland: a seascape of ice cliffs under printed player aidsGreenland/Neanderthal board

This folding board helps organise the game with spaces for the card rows and some useful player aids printed on it. One side is for Greenland, the other for Neanderthal: 16.00 (13.33 without tax outside the EU)

Out of stock

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