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The Sierra Madre Games Company has been going since 1992, producing games that are strong on history, science, or science fiction. Main man Phil Eklund is a rocket scientist in real life, which may explain the scientific content. While an educational component is explicit in many of Sierra Madre's games, they are also very good and great fun.

For more information, see the Sierra Madre Games Company website.

The table below lists the Sierra Madre games currently available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

Thumbnail of Bios: Genesis (2nd ed) box art

Out of stock

Bios: Genesis (2nd ed) (Phil Eklund)

The first in the sequence of Bios games starts with the building blocks of life. It ends with the first creatures, ready to evolve into everything else. It is explicitly a "brutal" game as players create micro-organisms that try to survive and grow in a hostile environment: 30.00.

Thumbnail of Bios: Megafauna (2nd ed) box art

Out of stock

Bios: Megafauna (2nd ed) (Andrew Doull, Phil Eklund, Jon Mankar)

The second Bios game starts as life crawls/slithers/hops out of the sea and onto land. The environment is still hostile, though, and players' creatures must evolve, expand and adapt as the climate and geography change. Hugely challenging, great fun and educatonal, too: 54.00.

Thumbnail of Greenland (3rd ed) cover

Greenland (3rd ed) (Phil Eklund)

New and revised edition (it now supports up to four players) of this brutal game of survival in inhospitable medieval Greenland. I find it a challenge every time I play: 25.00.

Thumbnail of Neanderthal (2nd ed) cover

Neanderthal (2nd ed) (Phil Eklund)

New, slightly revised edition of this clever game of human evolution. Surprisingly, the trick is not to "bang the rocks together", but to develop speech and a tribal culture. It's still tricky to accomplish, even when you know what you should be doing: 25.00.

Thumbnail of Pax Renaissance cover

Out of print

Pax Renaissance (Matt and Phil Eklund)

The latest in the 'Pax' series applies the game's mechanisms to the Renaissance period. The players are the major European bankers, financing governments, the church, explorations and, of course, great art. The players' choices will determine how Europe enters the modern era. This is my new must-play game: 25.00.

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