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Cover of Neanderthal second edition: Neanderthal man gazes out at usNeanderthal (2nd edition)

Players are pitted against each other as early human species in the Ice Age. They compete for hunting (and gathering) grounds and fight off predators. It's a tough life as the ice spreads, but you can improve your species' chances by developing skills and knowledge and producing lots of children.

The key event in the game is transforming your species into a tribal culture that will enable it to pass on skills to ensure its survival. Phew! The second edition has new artwork and specific meeples for each tribe.

Neanderthal uses similar mechanisms to Phil's earlier Greenland and can be played as a 'prequel' to that game your starting position in Greenland is taken from your final position in Neanderthal. However, the game works perfectly well on its own and is a demanding challenge.

For 1-3 players, aged 14+, playing time 1-2 hours: 25.00 (20.83 outside the EU)

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was designed by Phil Eklund and is published by Sierra Madre Games

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