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Cover of Papa Paolo: a cheerful Neapolitan street scene with pizzerias and delivery bikesPapā Paolo

Nothing to do with Popes, this game is all about delivering pizzas in Naples. Players have to balance expanding their delivery routes with increasing their capacity while bidding for contracts and picking up any tips that are going.

Each player adds tiles to their own neighbourhood, providing them with fresh customers – as long as their delivery bikes can reach the new houses and they have enough pizzas to deliver. Hence the need to produce more pizzas, improve their deliveries and, of course, raise the money to pay for this.

Papā Paolo is a surprisingly complex game (but not too complicated) with an interesting mixture of mechanisms that fit together nicely. And, at the end of the day, it maybe the leftover pizzas that are your downfall!

For 2-4 players, aged 10+, playing time 75 minutes: Ģ38.00 (Ģ31.67 without tax outside the EU)

In stock

Papā Paolo
was designed by Fabrice Vandenbogaerde and published by Quined Games

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