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Surprised Stare Games is the brainchild of two game designers: Tony Boydell and Alan Paull. With track records going back a couple of decades, they set up Surprised Stare Games in 1999 to publish their own games from their base in Gloucestershire.

They made a good start with their first publication, Bloody Legacy, which was great fun. Since then, Surprised Stare has produced a fine mixture of entertaining and strategic games, including the brilliant Snowdonia. Find out more on the Surprised Stare Games website.

The table below lists the Surprised Stare games available from Games from Pevans. Click on the title or picture to find out more about them.

Thumbnail of Confucius box

Confucius (Alan Paull)

I feel Confucius has been rather overlooked: it's modest and unassuming, but I don't know any other game that features competitive gift-giving! Set in Confucian China, players are competing for positons in Government. The gifts put obligations on the other players to support you! It's a great challenge: 25.00.

Thumbnail of The Cousins' War (2nd ed) cover

Out of stock

The Cousins' War (2nd ed) (David Mortimer)

Will Lancaster or York rule England? This is a two-player game of the Wars of the Roses with a clever bluffing mechanism at its heart. You need to keep your wits about you for the 30 minutes it takes. the second edition is 's in a larger box with larger cards and includes the Events expansion: 16.00.

Thumbnail of North American Railways box

North American Railways (Peer Sylvester)

I played this clever card game of railways and company shares at the UK Games Expo and was very taken with it. Players take share cards, Company Directors take city cards that provide income for shareholders, but both involve some careful decision-making: 18.00.

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