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Cover from Stellar Conflict: a ferocious battle between baroque spaceshipsStellar Conflict

I had great fun playing this at the 2016 Spiel games fair – how can you resist a game that involves rubber bands and spaceships?

You start with a hand of square cards depicting your spaceships (and each of the alien races has particular strengths in its ships). Each shows the direction its weapons fire, its value and any shields it has. Quickly, everybody lays down their cards across the table, trying to bring their weapons to bear on opponents' ships, while avoiding enemy (and friendly!) fire. And I mean quickly: there's a time limit of 30-120 seconds, depending on how many cards players have.

Now the ships fire, which is where those rubber bands come into play. They are stretched out to show where a ship's beams go, hopefully inflicting damage on other ships. When a ship is destroyed, it goes as points to the player who administered the coup de grâce. Then there are cargo ships, whose cargo is transferred to ships shooting them where it is also worth points if it's still there at the end.

The actual play is very quick: it's resolving the conflict that takes time – and provokes much laughter when things go very, very wrong!

For 2-4 players, aged 10+, playing time 10 minutes: £18.00 (£15.00 tax free outside the EU)

In stock

Stellar Conflict
was designed by James Ernest and Tom Jolly and is published by Artipia.

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